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President Hichilema Encourages Strong Family Ties and Cultural Values at Daughter’s Wedding Reception


President Hakainde Hichilema recently hosted a traditional wedding reception for his daughter at his Naminwe farm in Namwala District, Southern Province. The event not only celebrated the union of the couple but also served as a platform for President Hichilema to emphasize the importance of strong family ties and cultural values in building a prosperous nation.

In his address at the reception, President Hichilema highlighted the pivotal role of marriage as the foundation of society, where families are nurtured to contribute to the nation’s growth. He urged parents to instill in their children values that promote respect for others, hard work, and unity, as these qualities play a significant role in shaping a productive citizenry.

Recognizing the need to revive traditional teachings that may be viewed as old-fashioned, President Hichilema called for a revitalization of cultural values that foster strong family bonds and contribute to the overall fabric of society. He emphasized that cultural ceremonies, such as the Nkolola of the Tonga People in Southern Province, provide an opportunity to transfer these teachings to the younger generation.

President Hichilema also encouraged Zambians to embrace their diverse cultural heritage, which serves as a reflection of their identity and promotes unity in diversity. He reiterated the importance of upholding cultural values, including respect for elders, as they form the basis of a cohesive and harmonious society. The President further urged individuals to invest in their home villages, highlighting the significance of remembering one’s roots and contributing to the development of their communities.

The wedding reception witnessed the convergence of thousands of attendees, including chiefs from across the country, cabinet ministers, senior government officials, and the general public. The event showcased various traditional dances, symbolizing the importance of culture and unity in diversity.

Additionally, the occasion proved to be a significant economic opportunity for lodge owners in Monze, Choma, and Namwala districts, as the influx of guests led to fully booked accommodations weeks before the event. The vibrant atmosphere surrounding the wedding reception demonstrated the enthusiasm and support of the people as they celebrated the union of the two families.

President Hakainde Hichilema’s call for strong family ties and the preservation of cultural values resonates with his vision of building a united and prosperous Zambia. By emphasizing these principles, he aims to create a society where citizens are united, productive, and connected to their cultural roots, thereby paving the way for a brighter future.


    • They are all dancers…kikiki.
      Lungu danced…..and HH gone the same dancing way.
      Time to compare who is the best dancer!!!! Your vote please!!

    • Oops sorry I got it wrong! Lungu has been the humblest resident of State House. Cos HH doesn’t stay there

  1. While many Zambians, including the same ignorant upnd supporters, starve and suffer, this joker of a president was busy dancing like a mad cow. He has decided to not criticise his arrogant copperbelt minister because he directed him to harass the mayor of kitwe. Meanwhile he has donated obscene amount of wealth at the wedding and even the old corrupt mukuni is freely giving away elephants. Yet he will ask acc to investigate those who buy a mere cheap car just because they support pf. Hh is****

  2. Cultural Values? When you find it so difficult to take off that jacket. Which is part of the weapon used for the erosion of our cultural values.

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