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HH to officially launch the National Decentralisation Policy and the Zambia Devolution Support programme


PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema will tomorrow May 30, 2023, officially launch the National Decentralisation Policy and the Zambia Devolution Support programme.

Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary Robert Kamalata disclosed that the double launch is expected to take place at Chalimbana Local Government Training Institute in Chongwe District in Lusaka Province.

Mr. Kamalata said the National Decentralisation Policy is in line with Cabinet Circular number 2 of 2023, which provides for smooth transfer of functions from Central Government to Local Authorities countrywide.

Mr. Kamalata stated that the Policy will see a lot of transformation in service delivery with transfer of human resource across all Government Departments in order to strengthen structures at local level.

The Provincial Permanent Secretary further disclosed that expected at the launch will be representatives of Senior Chieftainess Nkomeshya Mukamambo II, Chief Bunda Bunda and the Chairperson of the House of Chiefs, local government authorities and representatives of the United Party for National Development (UPND).

He said others include the Speaker of the National Assembly Nelly Muti, the Chief Justice, Cabinet Ministers, Diplomats accredited to Zambia, Heads of Government Departments and Civil Society Organisations, among others.

Mr. Kamalata added that the President will also conduct a tour of stands for the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) beneficiaries and other implementing stakeholders before proceeding to launch and commission the Ceremony.


  1. How many decentralisation programmes will Zambia go through? Kaunda gave us decentralisation, Chiluba too. What do we keep decentralising? How about decentralising freedom?

  2. What will success look like in this decentralisation policy? Let’s see this as just the beginning. Success should mean that one day some or all of these areas begin to generate their own resources from taxing local economic activity. That way they will stop looking to central government to fund them.

  3. A whole president launching something that is at the level of a minister of local government. He will show us more graphs. Useless man.

  4. They talk of decentralisation but in practice do the exact opposite just last week Ministry of Local Govt was handing over 156 Land cruisers bought with CDF funds which was officated by Hakiande instead of letting the constutencies do it themselves. We have seen this before for years where leaders just read speeches about this issue of decentralisation.

    • Come on Tarino.
      The purchase was done centrally for cost savings. That was not your best example.

  5. You mean the central government buying for local devolved councils, even for those that have no roads but lakes? Oh, that is decentralisation for us!
    Most industries are in Lusaka. Before 2024, Zambia should be producing 3million tonnes of copper. The country is in dream land.

  6. Another reactive approach to serious matters. You bought 156 Landcruiser for your cadres at central government and when your cadres complain about not being given a chance to buy their own vehicles you go waste some more time with another useless launch. One useless launch after another when what needs to be done is lower the cost of living and sort out KCM, Mopani, lower Zambezi saga. The priests tells you that people need to see food on their table and not graphs, you go after their throats.

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