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President Hichilema’s Commitment to National Day of Prayers and Reconciliation Unwavering, Amidst Circulated Video


In response to a recently circulated video clip featuring President Hakainde Hichilema’s address to party members regarding the National Day of Prayers and Reconciliation, the Chief Communications Specialist at State House, Mr. Clayson Hamasaka, has emphasized that the president’s commitment to Zambia as a Christian Nation and the importance of the national day remain steadfast and unchanged.

The video clip in question dates back to the period leading up to the 2021 elections and was intended as a response to a rhetorical question. However, it has resurfaced and has been shared widely, causing some confusion and speculation among the public.

Mr. Hamasaka clarified that the National Day of Prayers and Reconciliation is still officially recognized and remains gazetted in the Zambian statutes. The president’s unwavering dedication to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his service to the people of God are resolute, unaffected by any attempts at manipulation or schemes. President Hichilema’s commitment to Zambia as a Christian Nation remains incredibly strong.

The National Day of Prayers holds significant importance in shaping the nation’s character, and its relevance and significance remain unchanged. It is a gazetted instrument that allows the nation to come together in unity, reflecting on past challenges and seeking divine intervention for the future.

This recent circulation of the old video clip should not be misconstrued as an indication of any change in President Hichilema’s stance on the National Day of Prayers and Reconciliation. The video’s resurfacing seems to be a deliberate attempt to stir controversy or mislead the public.

As the country’s leader, President Hichilema continues to prioritize the well-being of Zambia and its people, fostering unity and emphasizing the importance of spiritual reflection and reconciliation. The National Day of Prayers and Reconciliation stands as a testament to the nation’s values and aspirations, aiming to bring about healing and understanding among its citizens.

Mr. Hamasaka concluded by urging the public to remain focused on the president’s unwavering dedication to the Christian principles that guide his leadership and to disregard any attempts to misinterpret or manipulate his words. The government remains committed to upholding the National Day of Prayers and Reconciliation as a vital part of the nation’s fabric.


  1. Do you remember those days I Warned you against voting for hh and upnd because they are satanlsts. I have been vindicated. We have seen gays freely walking around. This country is now sodom and gomorrah.

    I think Bally anayamba kupepa glue, ndaba these days menso yake yaoneka jayd

    • Do you mean Jenkem? He spends sleepless nights only bragging about himself. Every time when he is packing his bags for a public show, with surgical gloves, he parks his brain aside and would only pick it up when he downs his presidency.

  2. Was he sleep talking when he said those words “I went to America to negotiate for investment in energy instead of wasting time on the useless Day of Prayers?”
    In addition he referred to Edgar Lungu as Umungoni ali na boza… what I know is if you refer to HH as villager from Bweenga you are going to be arrested for hate speech.

    • Has Washington cancelled our debts. Has Paris Club made any strides in realigning Zambia’s debt burden? Instead of wasting precious time on the useless flights to DC, please take a useful and more sensible chillpill trip to Beijing.

  3. Well as far as we can see the construction of the church for this day has halted and Catholic priest are being called names for simple pointing at some useless graphs. Gays are running around unnoticed and flags for gay people are flying around embassies freely.

  4. Everything is useless: priests, bishops, day of prayer, the opposition, Catholics and government critiques. Only “graphs” must be protected, revered and propagated as useful. What a sad affair!

  5. Look at the congolese and his other PF rats above………….

    Just make hard work and sacrifice your number one priority……..

    There is no more free hand outs living in borrowed Chinese loans…….

    Lazy buggers……….

  6. There is no way you can spin this. Did the president utter those words or not? Has he retracted that statement? This damage control won’t work
    Another problem is HH failing to stick to something. I would be very happy if he does state that the day of prayer won’t help the country. I don’t agree with the holiday either.

  7. Very Very Very poor reporting. Give us the full story!! “This recent circulation of the old video clip…” What is contained in this old video clip? Dont give us half finished news. You Half-baked journalists!

  8. A day of prayer institigated by government is indeed a useless excercise.
    People praying is a private matter and if you are someone who pray you would not need a day stipulated by government. You will pray as litte or as often as you want.

    • Indeed as someone who stayed in Israel for a year I did not see any national prayer day there so where does this over-enthuthiasm in Lusaka come from?

  9. Countries like Rwanda, Kenya etc without any such holiday are doing far much better by working than us while we are busy praying.

    • The issue is not about whether prayers work or not. Even me I wouldn’t careless about this event.. that’s why we have churches to pray in. The issue is the president calls the event useless, but one of his men tells the nation that the president is committed to the event. Does it make sense to you?

    • DeJa vu, LOl. This is crazy man. Hamasaka should have simply kept quiet. Such conflicting statements will see the head of state avoid further press conferences.

    • Rasor can you breath with air! can you prosper without good health can you talk when your lungs cannot take in air to breath. Do you know who gives you that air you breath
      This arrogance will take people like you no where Zambians want prayers as for you better you keep silent because it is non of your business, if Zambia is a Christian nation must be preserved by any one who replaces any government.

    • Those are countries with practical presidents. Not gloves and graphs presidents. Not even Mwibala Presidents

    • The congolese says …..

      “The issue is the president calls the event useless, but one of his men tells the nation that the president is committed to the event….”

      Plezz……..who cares if state House does not want to upset the praying people ????

      Useless arguments

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