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Chipangali MP extols HH for magical CDF



CHIPANGALI Member of Parliament Andrew Lubusha has commended President Hakainde Hichilema and the New Dawn administration for the Constituency Development Funds (CDF) programme which is changing lives of people in the country. During the disbursement of 2022 CDF loans to 24 cooperatives and companies in Chipangali District recently, Mr Lubusha, who is Patriotic Front area Member of Parliament said CDF is a policy direction transforming people’s lives.

Twenty four cooperatives and companies received K2,926,710.84 through Indo-Zambia Bank (IZB) during the event attended by several prominent people of Chipangali.

“The CDF loans we are celebrating today are not merely financial resources, they are tools for empowerment and catalysts for change. They embody the vision of progress and development that we hold for our beloved Chipangali Constituency. These loans will help uplift our local entrepreneurs, support small businesses, and stimulate economic growth at grassroots level,” Mr Lubusha said

He said the power of the loans lies in their ability to transform dreams into reality.

“They represent opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into flourishing businesses, for farmers to modernise their agricultural practices, and for individuals to enhance their skills and expertise. The CDF loans are a testament to our belief in the potential of our people and our unwavering commitment to their success in all sectors,” Mr Lubusha said

He said loans come with great responsibility and urged beneficiaries to utilise the funds wisely and judiciously.

“Embrace innovation, seize opportunities, and let these loans serve as a stepping stone towards sustainable growth and prosperity. Remember that success is not measured solely by individual achievements, but by the collective progress of our community,” Mr Lubusha said.

He said that there were many applications for the loans, and that 124 companies and cooperatives were appraised in the eight wards of Chipangali district and recommended beneficiaries for the first batch was 45, which after being further appraised by IZB, only 24 qualified for funding.

“To the beneficiaries, I encourage you to pay it all back so it can benefit other members of the community. I wish to further encourage you to make use of training and material you have been equipped with on financial literacy. As your businesses flourish and your lives improve, extend a helping hand to those who are still striving to fulfil their dreams,” Mr Lubusha said.

He encouraged the beneficiaries to share their knowledge, mentor aspiring entrepreneurs, and contribute to the growth of the local economy.
“By doing so, you will create a ripple effect of positive change that will resonate far beyond today’s ceremony,” Mr Lubusha said.

He said Chipangali constituency is defined by its resilience, unity and determination to overcome challenges.

“Together, we have weathered storms, celebrated victories, and forged a community that stands as a beacon of hope for others. The CDF loans represent another chapter in our journey, and I have no doubt that we will continue to thrive and achieve greater heights. May these CDF loans serve as a symbol of hope, inspiration and opportunity for our constituency. Together, let us build a future that is prosperous, inclusive, and filled with endless possibilities,” Mr Lubusha said

A loan beneficiary Misheck Jere of Msandile ward in Chief Kapatamoyo thanked President Hichilema for coming up with the idea.
“I am so happy to be one of the people who have been selected in Chipangali,” Mr Jere said.

Sherreen Zulu, an entrepreneur is excited to have beneffitted from the Constituency Development Fund loans because it will boost her business and impact the community in which she operates positively.

Ms Zulu, 25, who runs a business centre offers short computer courses, secretarial services as well as digital and electronic communications services.

“We are excited because we will provide employment to young people in Chipangali because the government has been saying that by empowering us, we will have to create jobs for ourselves instead of just waiting for government to give us jobs,” she said.

Ms Phiri is confident many people’s lives will be transformed by acquiring information communications technology skills and knowledge at the centre.

“We are aware that Chipangali District is a rural set-up with a serious need of ICT services,” Ms Phiri said.

She said Chipangali is in short supply of ICT services which her company will be offering.

“As such, the demand for our products is very high and that is what gives us the impetus to wanting to venture into this area,” Ms Phiri said
From the loan, she will buy equipment, employ young people to manage the centre and take care of administrative costs.


  1. F00Iishness is thinking your own taxpayers money was produced by some form of magic by your president. The level of ignorance in these upnd cadres is shocking

    • What about the absurdity and imbecility of thinking that the new hospitals, schools, and roads were produced by a form of magic by your former president? The level of imbecility in pf cadres is horrifying.

  2. Bazuzu control your hatrages towards your friends who reasons above you, you where in government bakaisala you failed to introduce the same policy but you decided introduce gassing, insults, thuggerism, police brutality, land grabbing, tribalism, nepotism, cadrism, favoritism and corruption.Bakaisala zuzu names below were killed by PF criminals; nsama, Lawrence, Mugala, matapa, menyani, kasongo, Kaunda, vesper and mapezi chibulo the group of heartless government PF criminals.

  3. Well done HH for rightful use of CDF and for kicking out the corrupt incompetent PF from ruling Zambia.


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