Thursday, June 13, 2024

Dr. Kingsley Chanda Challenges Complainant’s Role in ZRA Disposal Allegations


In a statement addressing the recent events, Dr. Kingsley K. Chanda, the former Commissioner General of the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA), expressed his gratitude for the support and prayers he received during his 24-hour detention following armed police action against him. Dr. Chanda acknowledged the charges brought against him, which include 22 counts related to the alleged improper disposal of ZRA vehicles.

Interestingly, Dr. Chanda pointed out that the complainant in this case is Mr. Dingani Banda, the current Commissioner General of the ZRA, who was Dr. Chanda’s Commissioner and responsible for asset disposal during the period in question. This has raised questions and generated surprise among the public, as the person who is now pressing charges against Dr. Chanda was the one overseeing the disposal process during the relevant timeframe.

Dr. Chanda expressed his relief that the armed police officers who surrounded his house and farm acted professionally, ensuring that no harm came to anyone. He also extended his gratitude to his lawyers for securing his release on bond and thanked all those who sent messages of solidarity during his ordeal. While acknowledging the support, Dr. Chanda also requested understanding if he was unable to respond to each individual message.

Addressing the employees of the Zambia Revenue Authority, Dr. Chanda urged them to stay focused on their responsibilities of revenue mobilization for the country. He advised them not to allow this incident to divert their attention from their crucial duties and reminded them of the importance of their work for the nation.


  1. Banda is fighting for his life…. he’s lucky to be there…. anyway let’s wait and see what comes out of the courts.

    • The biggest mistake done by politicians in these got companies and institutions is promoting from within look at ZESCO, ZAMTEL they just sack the no. 1 and appoint the no. 2 and expect changes when this no. 2 was also eating with no. 1.

  2. W about mining being coerced to use his clearing company?
    also the ZRA internet portal ??
    PF duty waivers etc
    Brown evevelopes are still prevalent in all sectors so I doubt much will happen

  3. My brother in whom I am pleased, do not despair . That small boy who took over you is being used by vindictive HH who is still hurt about losing countless elections. Instead of fulfilling their promises to the Zambian people, they are taking their frustrations out on those who served during the great reign of pf. God let thunder strike them. Kaleza pali HH. Paaaaaah

    • The great depression of PF reign = falling economic indicators,high debts and eventual removal from office by the wise Zambian voters.

  4. If PF didnt lie and hide figures of the economy we would have known better
    You should know thieves dont prosper even in Zambia
    our only let down at the moment is the ill trained police and ACC

  5. Kingsley performed and was always above his target. Instead of these dramatized piecemeal arrests, why don’t they just indict everybody that worked under PF? Paranoia and bitterness are diseases that affect the brain. Expect more of such as we head towards elections and the heat is turned on. The cells will be full. They’ll begin to arrest us even for our mere comments on this forum but their time will come.

  6. KC performed very well at ZRA and deliver ed above targets.This is how we reward.instead of thanking and call on him for advice,they want to destroy him.
    Bitterness,jealous and primitivity has triumphed.

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