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Failure to Utilize Constituency Development Fund Draws Criticism and Demands for Action


The failure to utilize allocated funds from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) in Shiwang’andu has drawn strong criticism from the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND). The party has called for immediate action against those responsible for the willful neglect, labeling it a crime.

The UPND has urged the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Hon Gary Nkombo MP, to exercise his authority under the Constituency Development Fund Act and dissolve the Shiwang’andu Constituency Development Fund Committee. The committee has allegedly failed to utilize its K25.7 million 2022 allocation effectively.

Furthermore, the party has called on the Local Government Service Commission to recall senior management officials at Shiwang’andu Town Council for their inability to provide the necessary technical leadership in the utilization of the allocated funds.

The UPND, as a party in government, views the failure to utilize the funds as a deliberate act of sabotage that hampers the implementation of crucial development projects in the district. Senior Chief Nkula has expressed concern over the lack of utilization of CDF in the constituency, highlighting the dire conditions faced by the community. The party shares the Chief’s sentiments and emphasizes that community development should be a priority.

The dire state of infrastructure in Shiwang’andu, such as classrooms with insufficient desks and roofs in disrepair, exemplifies the urgent need for the allocated funds to be utilized effectively. The UPND criticizes Member of Parliament Stephen Kampyongo and the CDF committee for their failure to capitalize on the government’s commitment to developing all regions of the country.

The party questions the motives behind sabotaging government programs aimed at improving the living standards of the people in Shiwang’andu. The UPND sympathizes with the Chief and the community, demanding immediate action from Hon Nkombo and Hon Ackson Sejani.

The UPND expresses concerns that past leaders, including Mr. Kampyongo, failed to recognize the potential in rural areas, resulting in their underdevelopment. The party calls for increased monitoring of CDF activities by District Commissioners and party structures nationwide to prevent further sabotage of community development projects.

The UPND Secretary General, Batuke Imenda, reiterates that the party will not hesitate to recommend the dismissal and prosecution of officers found responsible for the failure to utilize funds designated for development. Sabotaging government programs is deemed a crime, and the party calls on law enforcement agencies to investigate the circumstances leading to the neglect of projects in Shiwang’andu.

In a stern message, the UPND urges all structures across the country to monitor the performance of CDF and other developmental projects closely. The party emphasizes that the implementation of flagship policies, including the CDF and free education, will be crucial in assessing performance. Poor implementation by technocrats will not be tolerated.

The UPND commends Secretary General Batuke Imenda’s position on the matter and emphasizes that the party’s focus is on alleviating the hardships faced by the people of Zambia. The party warns all local authorities and CDF committees across the country to adhere to the policies outlined in their guiding document.

Opposition Members of Parliament are urged to play an active role in implementing government policies for the betterment of the Zambian people, rather than undermining them. The UPND highlights that this issue is not about party politics but about the development of the nation.

The UPND demands swift action against all parties involved in the Shiwang’andu CDF debacle. Additionally, the party expresses concern over the failure of the Shiwang’andu District Commissioner to provide leadership despite a directive from the President to be involved in CDF matters. The UPND assures Senior Chief Nkula and other traditional leaders that help is on the way to address the issue.


  1. I took Imenda to be a cut above the rest when it comes to Secretary Generals we have been used to. Certainly, compared to Davis Mwila he stood out.
    Alas, he is calling people names and issuing threats all the time now.
    And the UPND government is proving to be like PF each day, and even worse. Look at their conduct in Kabushi and Kwacha by elections.
    CDF projects still require approval from central gvment. Contractors for CDF projects also require gvment approval. JJ Banda has complained, Munir has complained and I am certain now that they will block CDF projects held by opposition outside of Lusaka and copperbelt.
    MPs are not allowed to do anything with CDF, rural voters will still blame MPs as the UPND intends here.

    • Why would the UPND government block CDF funds for opposition constituencies outside Lusaka and the Copperbelt? Kanchibiya MP Sunday Chanda has a constituency next to Shiwang’andu. CDF projects are moving in Kanchibiya. Are you sure you really mean what you have said above?

    • Gunner, yes. I mean it. Lusaka and copperbelt have more enlightened voters and their MPs are always in campaign mode.
      And yes, I can bet you that people in Shiwangandu have applied for CDF. It is never the fault of the MP if the funds are not released since it’s the central government that approves. Sunday Chanda’s case may be speculative but it could be that he has distanced himself from attacking the President and hence his constituency having projects approved.
      Do not forget that CDF committees do not have an MP seating.
      What is factual, all MPs wait on central government to release money.

  2. This son of a beech knows deep down that cdf funds are only readily available in upnd or t0nga strongholds. Fuseke. If I meet you in town I will beat you up

    • Look at this Humpty Dumpty Troll reduced to barking insults like a toothless guard dog how times have changed…you wanted 2021 you got it!! really laughable

  3. Senior Chief Nkula if CDF is no utilised who is too blame…I can bet you if PF was in govt and they had such monies they would have used CDF to pay salaries and build new mansions for these Chiefs to shut them up thatis why this one is crying that moron Stephen Kampyongo has no access to EXIM bank bribes from Chink defence contractors.

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