Zambia’s Economy on the Road to Recovery, Says Thabo Kawana


Thabo Kawana have expressed his confidence in the ongoing efforts to restore the country’s economy, which was previously labeled as a junk economy. Mr Kawana, the Ministry of Information and Media Director Spokesperson, highlighted the significant progress made by the New Dawn Government under the leadership of President Hakainde Hichilema.

Speaking on Muvi TV’s Assignment Programme called “Zambians Scorecard of the UPND,” Mr. Kawana emphasized the positive growth and the international community’s renewed faith in Zambia. He stated, “With the coming in of the New Dawn Government, we have started registering positive growth and the international community has opened up to us.”

Mr. Kawana attributed this positive change to the deliberate measures implemented by President Hichilema and his administration. He remarked, “We are now living within our means so that the generation that comes after us does not find a huge mountain of debt as we found ourselves.” The government is committed to rectifying the previous administration’s unsustainable spending practices, ensuring a better economic future for Zambia.

Assessing the promises made by the UPND while in opposition, Mr. Kawana commended the government’s achievements. He stated, “On the checklist of promises made by the UPND while in opposition, the scorecard is impressing.” He highlighted the fulfillment of various commitments, including the provision of free education, the payment of pension benefits to retirees, the partial withdrawal of pension funds, and the payment of allowances to military personnel serving in United Nations Peacekeeping operations.

In an exciting development for healthcare in Zambia, Mr. Kawana revealed that Ndola is set to have its own Cancer disease hospital. He announced, “The Ministry of Health with cooperating partners have signed a contract to put up an ultra-modern Cancer disease hospital in Ndola and is expected to be completed in the next twelve months.” This new facility will supplement the existing Cancer disease hospital in Lusaka, ensuring improved access to specialized care for patients in different parts of the country.

Furthermore, Mr. Kawana disclosed that funds have been released from the Treasury to procure new machines and rehabilitate the old ones at the Cancer disease hospital in Lusaka. He assured citizens, saying, “Issues surrounding the operations of the facility will soon be a thing of the past.” The government is dedicated to addressing the challenges faced by the healthcare system, striving to provide quality healthcare services for all Zambians.

Expressing gratitude to the Zambian people, Mr. Kawana stated, “The New Dawn Government is indebted to the Zambian people who gave it the mandate to preside over the affairs of the country.” The government remains committed to fulfilling its promises, restoring the economy, and improving the lives of its citizens.


  1. I don’t read articles from this ugly bab00n. They can’t point to one achievement that doesn’t involve excessive use of taxpayers money. At least for us we borrowed for infrastructure development which is visible to everyone across the country. Our work speaks for its self. Meanwhile 65million has gone missing. Upnd are crooks.

    • Look at this Humpty Dumpty Troll based in UK it thinks borrowing for overpriced infrastructure development is not excessive use of taxpayers money.

    • @Tarino, this is embarrassing that you read graffiti of Kawana. Sunday was way better noise maker than that above.
      Life will be way better without Kawana and Lusambo.

  2. When is HH going to get it? Sending someone like Kawana to talk about the economy is like rubbing salt into the wound…this is a man who gets a Govt car loan as a Director to buy a $60,000 vehicle for his wife whilst he himself still retains the GRZ vehicle talk about excessiveness.

    • @Gen Kanene, Kawana isnt supposed to be a Director in the civil service. His post was never advertised nor was he called for an interview. Like that previous PS in this very ministry, Malupenga all the money he is receiving is illicit

    • @Government of Gloves & Graphs
      I am sure there is a provision in the law that enabled the authority to create such a position. Tabo Kawana or Malupenga did not force themselves into those positions, and therefore, it does not make their salaries to be illicit. It’s a government-approved position.
      It’s a different question if you asked whether it was necessary for this position, in that case, the person worth criticizing is the Minister of Information – Kasanda, or whatever her name is. But again, the ministers decide how to run their ministries.

    • Gen Kanene go read civil service regulations as well as the law. The political appointments end with cabinet. However in Zambia the president has seen that we are docile and he has given himself the powers to appoint Permanent Secretaries and even Directors in a civil service that is supposed to be for professionals-not politicians. All PS appointments by the president are illegal but noone has had the guts to challenge the president.

    • You will even see that John Sangwa SC had a similar argument about the appointment of judges

    It’s very sad that someone can be so sarcastic.

  4. Continue living in the fools paradise and cheat yourselves that things are ok. Pa ground tapali bwino. Forget about the opposition and ask your own UPND cadres. They will tell you the truth.

  5. Which International community naimwe if you can not even face the elephant in the room in the name China. You mean IMF and America which keep changing goal posts. If I should remind this shameless liar, fuel is at k24 from k17, fertilizer is k1400, mealie meal is at k250. The economy has only improved in your house hold and on HH’s graphs. This is what people keep telling you. People will soon stop talking and just be waiting for 2026 to kick you out.

  6. Who is Thabo Kawana to declare that? Leave such statements to the Minister of Finance or the Chief Monetary Policy office in Cairo Road. Politicians in Zambia in particular, UPND cadres, are just so indisciplined they think overzealousness is a virtue. There’s another one called Batuke going around threatening civil servants with dismissal. On what authority? This is illegal. Because they have smuggled party cadre Kawana into government offices, UPND think they are the employers of civil servants. They need to be taken to court. The evidence is abundant.

  7. It turns out HH is just a Politician…..Zambians will remain just the way it is and things will become even worse

  8. If you 1 hour explaining what you have done then you have done nothing…when you have done something you shutup the works you have done speaks for itself..Pro Lumumba

  9. Kawana doesn’t seem to notice how dollar is rising again which equals to rise in prices of goods and services.

    • As long as we dont have copper to sell and IMF doesnt give us the remaining loan we wont have dollars so the price will rise and rise no matter

  10. The truth is that there is nothing happening in Zambia , how does the economy grow when there is no mining of cooper to export or when there is no industry to produce exports , how can the economy grow when you keep on borrowing and spend on consumption for paying salaries to un productive venturers .

  11. kkkkk we are not kids with kwacha to a dollar at above K20, and you say we are on the right path? are sure you are saying the truth Mr Kawana.Stop it and say the truth.

  12. What sins have we committed as Zambians to have such as leaders? The hyena is full and telling hungry people that things are ok.

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