No alternative to UPND policies will work better than Hichilema stepping down


By Venus N Msyani

During a press briefing at State House in Lusaka on Thursday May 18th 2023, President Hakainde Hichilema demanded the opposition to provide alternative to his policies. Is time to be honest with the president. No alternative to his policies will work better than stepping down.

For Zambia to make it economically, holes draining resources need to be sealed. Not creating extra ones. Under Hichilema Zambia is running two State House. Community House in New Kasama and tradition State House at Plot 1. Do we need an expert to tell us it is a huge hole created to drain Zambia resources?

Hichilema travel outside the country a lot. Would be surprised if he hasn’t broken a record on foreign trips. Again, Zambians don’t need an expert to remind them it is another huge hole draining Zambia resources.

Hichilema is refusing to publicly declare assets and liabilities. Because of that we can conclude that corruption is another hole that will continue to drain Zambia resources. Hichilema is not going to win the fight against the vice without public trust.

Until he publicly declares assets and liabilities, it doesn’t make sense to trust Hichilema on the fight against corruption anymore.

During the briefing Hichilema used a graph to explain how Zambia economy has been fairing starting from early 1970. Paying attention to his language, the Zambian president believe the graph points to his favor.

He fails to realize that because of the above holes his administration risk being the worst in Zambia history.

Hichilema need to move to State House, reduce foreign trips, and publicly declare assets and liabilities. If these are hard things to do, there is no alternative that will work better than stepping down.

Zambia needs to save every ngwee to make it. To achieve that, the country needs the president who is not scared of State House. One who doesn’t travel like a nineteen-century explorer, and the one who is open.

By the way, God bless veteran journalist Ambassador Frank Mutubila if he didn’t start feeling irritated. It was too much of mentioning his name by Hichilema during May 18th press conference.


  1. LOL at the last paragraph. You hear me Frank? Isn’t that right Frank? Frank, look at the graph there. Frank, tell the camera man to show the graph.
    Alas, asking or even hoping for HH to resign is futile. The man has struggled in opposition for two decades, no way that he will resign.
    I personally worry about his willful neglect to declare his assets. Does the president have shares in the Canadian mining company that he privatized last year? Is the president a beneficial owner of the fertilizer company he commissioned? The UPND gave auditing services to a company closely affiliated to the President after state house gave consent to audit defence forces (as required by law).
    We can keep asking questions because he has failed to be transparent.

  2. Iam one of the Zambians who are interested in what the president is doing about the mines on the Copperbelt that is not active at the moment, does this president have a solution at hand everyone who has interest in the business of copper trading in this part of Zambia can get worried.
    Is the president really a slow thinker or a procrastinator or is he a man with nothing to do about the problem which is even affecting the economy! is he really short of ideas to brake the ice.
    This is what i find to be worrisome he is now about two years in power and nothing seems to be moving.

  3. Another fake wiseman in fake action after 1,2,3,4 and five. Some of Ba wako ndi wako chalibakalipa so much that they can’t see any sense. Awe nomba mungulu fye wekA weka

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