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Andrew Ntewewe Demands Transparency: Top Officials Must Resign for Alleged Missing K65 Million Probe


Civil Rights and Democracy Defender Andrew Ntewewe has called for the resignation of top officials at the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and the Ministry of Finance to facilitate investigations into the alleged missing of K65 million. The missing funds were mentioned in a leaked letter from the Auditor General’s office to the ACC.

During an interview on the morning’s edition of Let the People Talk on Phoenix FM, Mr. Ntewewe expressed dissatisfaction with the responses provided by ACC Chairperson Musa Mwenye regarding the matter. He challenged the relevant authorities to clarify how the money was handled and whether proper procedures were followed in a transparent manner.

Mr. Ntewewe highlighted the existence of a critical management letter that indicates a failure to comply with established procedures, misappropriation, and potential misuse of forfeited resources. He emphasized that this is a cause for concern and called for decisive action by President Hakainde Hichilema.

According to a leaked management letter from the Auditor General’s office, dated December 31, 2022, Ms. Musonda’s forfeited cash, totaling K65 million, as well as an additional K1 million, have not been deposited into control 99. The letter further states that the whereabouts of the funds remain unknown.

In a separate development, Mr. Ntewewe criticized the decision to elect President Hakainde Hichilema, suggesting that it was a mistake. He argued that the country’s current state is worse off than before the 2021 general elections, citing high living costs and a lack of policy direction.

However, UPND Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa dismissed Mr. Ntewewe’s remarks as an attack on democracy and a direct insult to the Zambian people who voted for change. Mweetwa pointed to state-sponsored violence, hate speech, tribalism, and a struggling economy as some of the reasons why Zambians opted for a new leadership.


  1. Cornelius Mweetwa, you have made this economy worse than you found it. It was a mistake voting HH. We expected to see a lot of changes in the economy and policy direction.

    At least ECL allowed his ministers and permanent secretaries to be investigated but your god wakulekafye

  2. Ntewewe is just another fake NGO, director, under the consortium of “wako ndi wako,” and fake wisemen. It is still painful to the for the loss of election of
    ECl to HH. Awe chalibakalipa

  3. it is easy to destroy than to build and when you are building the economy, it is seen as though nothing is being done because most people believe it is a big elephant that Kwame Nkhuruma has killed

  4. Swindlers are now resurring because of the the good ….of the new dawn. But you shall have no chance to swindle HH as you had done to the reckless and lazy lungu. We have now listed NGOs formed and led by conmen

  5. Ntewewe this Malawian has resurfaced,where was he hiding,anyway i think he has seen that nothing will happen to him even after mislading Edgar Lungu into believing that he was going to win the 2021 elections,this Ntewewe is one of those who plundered our nation`s resources through the flawed bill 10,he should therefore be behind bars.

    • If you know that he is a Malawian why haven’t you deported him , you just own up and do what Zambians voted you to do , do not waste our time talking about the same old stories it is now two years you are still fumbling

    • Xenophobic Zambians. If you are Ngoni you are from Malawi, if you are Bemba Lunda or Kaonde or Lamba you are from Congo, if you are Lozi you are from Angola if you are Tonga you are from Zimbabwe. Dont you realise these are artificial borders? Stop xenophobic labelling

  6. We have three more years to suffer because of the still unemployed 2.8m. We voted in a privatization conman in office. He is running around like headless chicken directing his anger on wrong people. The priests who just said your graphs do not mean sh!t. If HH is serious about this country he needs to get on the next plane to China and when he comes back sort out Mopani and KCM.

  7. Kci should go back to school and be taught properly know whosold the cpanies between HH and the government

  8. Missing in transit: Between ACC and control 99.
    And what a poor defence from bo Mweetwa. UPND is being accused in the present but he is answering in the past.

  9. What an 1di0t, how can you calling for resignation based on allegations, when nothing has been proven.
    Once again LT you must do better on what you report.
    Many times you print too much nonsense.

  10. If 65 millions can just disappear like that you can just imagine how much billions these UPND Bandits are stealing

  11. In Life, we have choices to praise and denounce. PF did something which a section society chose to ignore. Even now, poeple can choose to recognise the positive things that this government is doing or concentrate on negatives. For me the problem is NOT the drop in cost of living, the solution is to provide more jobs and opportunities for citizens to manageme life. Some of the best economies in world have the highest cost of living!

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