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I Admire President Hakainde Hichilema’s Strong Stance Against the Dishing out of Handouts to Citizens


Former Democratic Party interim President Gift Kalumba has said he admires President Hakainde Hichilema’s strong stance against the dishing out of handouts to citizens.

Mr. Kalumba said citizens deserve meaningful empowerment as opposed to handouts that were common in the previous Patriotic Front (PF) Government.

The former Kitwe’s Rhokana Ward Councilor said when leaders turn into Father Christmas,or political charlatans they robe the people their right to proper representation and accountability.

Mr. Kalumba said when he becomes republican president in future he will emulate President Hichilema’s hard stance against the dishing out of handouts to citizens.

“I am happy that you don’t give out hand outs to people which I also would want to emulate when I become President in Future. When elected by Gods sufficient Love , my role will not be to give out handouts to my people. It will be to champion the cause of passing laws that change the lives of my people for the better, that is what I hoped you would do too. The culture of leaders all over Zambia focusing on tarnishing names of their opponents as a daily bread and giving monetary handouts to their people as a symbol of love and concern is somewhat misguided and derogatory,” Mr. Kalumba said.

“People should not be made to need us. People should only be served through proper representation of their causes in the House by making sure that all needs and means for economic recovery are constitutionalised . When leaders turn themselves into Father Christmas,or political charlatans they robe the people their right to proper representation and accountability because it would be improper for members of society to challenge them on their actions . It’s important and it’s my appeal to you sir that we make sure we fight for laws and regulations to be passed that compel mines to procure a selected wide range of services from local Zambian companies. I believe this will deliver economic balance in an environment of dignity where my people won’t be tempted to worship you or anyone else for basically doing your elected mandate or much to stimulate your hand to dig from your personal pocket to appease them,” he said.

Mr. Kalumba further called for the formulation of progressive laws and regulations that empower people meaningfully.

“In my constituency Nkana or on larger platform let me just say Kitwe we only have the next 25 years to make a lasting impact vise vie Mines. Good laws that empower my people have the capacity to outlive and out-perform any well-intentioned acts of charity, leadership or promise speeches. I was optimistic that in 2021 when people voted you their hope and trust was not misplaced, the people of Copper belt choose hope and systems over charity but like they say optimism is not soft,” he said.

“It is hard and must be stubborn in order to deliver results am hopeful that you will be for assertive on the mine issue this year. We have to elect to fearlessly demand our sovereign rights of proper representation rather than being reduced to recipients of charity handouts from donors and investor. That is a reality that we can no longer allow to happen on account of its catastrophic consequences on our shared humanity. Yes, the underlying dynamics are very complicated; yes, there are many political views on the matter, but we must bring all these factors together to co-create a different reality. We should inject optimism into our efforts, because as for us , optimism is a strategy with which we must face any challenge, because if we don’t believe that we can succeed at something, the only guarantee is that we will fail,” Mr. Kalumba added.


  1. Did he not just do cash handouts on the ring road just a few weeks ago?

    By the way ba LT, why do we now have to scroll through a list of old stories to get to the comments section?

  2. Typical praise admire looters and thieves….ask HH what happened to 65 million …HH and his Bandits have become richer than PF Bandits in less than 2 years….

  3. Gift Kalumba are you blind or just plain stup!d. Hakainde Ichilema is busy dishing out money to his cadres in form of CDF. Have you seen the kind of structures his people are building from CDF as compared to the amount of money? No one knows the criteria being used to award loans that he is giving out and whether or not these loans will be paid back we are yet to see. Kalumba if you are looking for a Job from HH change your sir name and go to community house.

  4. Tell us mr praise singer, what does HHs sweaty hairy azzhole taste like? You have your tongue way up his azzhole

  5. Did he not just dish out to vendors kkk and you were an interim president out of touch ,anyway praise louder you might get a job

  6. LT do something about your platform…why so much junk on your website…you can’t even get to the coment still have news of 10 years ago still popping up as latest news

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