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Minister urges the public to stop making payments for land related transactions using the old system


Minister of Lands and Natural Resources Elijah Muchima has urged the general public to stop making payments for land related transactions using the Zambia Integrated Lands Management Information System (ZILMIS).

Mr Muchima says following the switch from ZILMIS to the Zambia Integrated Land Administration System (ZILAS) last year, all land related payments to the Ministry should be made electronically.

Mr Muchima was speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka, where he explained that all the services are currently being provided, except that a number of functions that have errors and complications have been segregated.

The Minister said that ZILAS is not segregating certain functions at the moment, therefore assured that the system will soon be at 80 percent functioning in the next six weeks.

The Minister urged the public to be patient saying that once all is in place, the new system will be better than the old one.

Indicating the various advantages of using ZILAS, Mr Muchima listed enhanced transparency and convenience, adding that it is a role-based security feature allowing for segregation of duties.

He disclosed that the technocrats are currently working hard to perfect the new system.

Smart Zambia National Coordinator Percy Chinyama said that the government is committed to building an advanced land database that will ensure credibility and reduce elicit activities.

“The public will benefit more because the system will make sure that land administration becomes transparent, with features such as the tracking mechanism that shows how long a member of staff takes to work on a case,” he said.


  1. You are telling the public to be using a system that is at less than 80% functionality? Most government electronic systems are pathetic, erroneous and extremely slow. Government should learn to fully test whichever platform they deploy before people start using it. Not the job on training approach that they usually employed.

  2. Letv also talk about the ZRA system which has been troublesome from day one
    thanks to PF Chanda who gave the supposed 10Mil $$ to a believed relative

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