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Antonio Mwanza Mocked by UPND after ditching the former ruling party


United Party for National Development (UPND) Copperbelt Provincial vice youth chairperson Kangwa Kamando has mocked former Patriotic Front (PF) media director Antonio Mwanza for ditching the former ruling party.

Mr Mwanza on Thursday resigned from the PF party, citing the lack of willingness by the party’s leadership to hold an elective general conference following their loss of power in 2021.

At a press conference held in Lusaka, Mr. Mwanza alleged the existence of a clique within the PF central committee that opposes the idea of a general conference and has taken control of the party’s operations.

But Mr. Kamando told Mr. Mwanza that consistency and endurance is at the core of truth leadership.

He said Mr. Mwanza has left PF because it is now useless to belong to the former ruling party.

Mr. Kamando alleged that PF was a criminal organization in a peaceful country.

“After August 2021 elections we witnessed a number of PF members resigning from their positions immediately UPND and President Hichilema matched to a landslide victory with the biggest margin ever to be witnessed in the Zambian political history.In 2011 when PF formed Government , members of MMD were attacked ,beaten ,property burnt and destroyed . It was against this backdrop PF went into panic mode when the lost power.Among the people who resigned immediately after PF lost power was the Former republican President himself Mr Edger Chagwa Lungu, as PF president, Antonio Mwanza as Media director, Mr Mukupa as National Chairman and Hon Davis Mwila as Secretary General,” Mr. Kamando said.

He says President Hakainde Hichilema and his New Dawn government has created an enabling environment for any Zambian to do business , belong to a political party of choice and have freedom of speech.

“Immediately President Hichilema was announced winner, He called for peace, unity and sent a strong warning against cadrism, he warned against lawlessness and pledged to protect every Zambian regardless of their political affiliation, tribe or color.Few months down the line, PF realized that President Hichilema and his government have created a peaceful environment, an enabling environment for any Zambian to do business , belong to a political party of choice,freedom of speech and enhancement human right.Jogging started in Ibex and it has continued while engaging in active politics, Davis Mwila has returned to his position to completely finish the finished PF.Antonio Mwanza has resigned for the second time after losing elections In August 2021, this time not out of fear but the irrelevance of belonging to a criminal organization in a peaceful country,” Mr. Kamando said.

Mr. Mwanza himself had indicated that lack of direction by the PF central committee was the main reason he was leaving the party.

“Two years down the line, the leadership has failed to provide direction. The leadership has failed to give a clear roadmap when the party is going to hold a general conference and elect the president of the Patriotic Front to mobilise this party for 2026.went back to the structures; he went back to the people. Our structures are in dilemma. They don’t know where to go. The membership of the party has been loyal to this party. I know the central committee; I have worked with the central committee in the last five years. The majority of the members of the central committee mean well for the party.But there is a small clique within that thinks that they can bulldoze and risk the contributions and sacrifice that people that worked with Michael Sata have sacrificed. There is a small group that thinks they can bulldoze and delay the process to elect the next leader. Even those that mean well for the party are failing to come forward to help the party because a party without a leader can’t sell,” Mwanza told journalists.


  1. The upnd cows are just upset that comrade antonio has decided not to join their failed evil upnd. The opposition remains intact and strong. We received 30 defectors from upnd yesterday and the number keep increasing. Remember hh allegedly won by small margin. 2026 he is leaving.

  2. The upnd c0ws are just upset that c0mrade ant0ni0 has decided not to join their failed eviI upnd. The 0pp0sition remains lntact and strong. We received 30 defect0rs from upnd yesterday and the number keep increasing. Remember hh aIIegedly w0n by small margin. 2026 he is leaving.

    • What happened to 2021 Mr Humpty Dumpty Troll based in UK? Now you are looking forward to 2026 instead of getting serious in life and stop playing on the internet in the UK Public library on timed work station.

    • As a silent blogger, I find it strange that this blogger called Tarino is always hounding this kaizer boy as a troll, yet kaizer does not even respond to Tarino. I am now scratching my head trying to figure out who is a troll between them. It would appear to me that Tarino is trolling kaizer. Ah am confused. I will go back to my silent world.

  3. I was shocked when Antonio Mwanza said at his news conference that he was a Seventh Day Adventist.
    Shocked, because his past comments and statements particularly against HH (a fellow Adventist) were vicious, unkind, personal, shocking, malicious, and even lying.
    He needs to repent and seek forgiveness.

  4. Kamando must a a naive chap there in CB, politics has no permanent enemies today you are mocking this Mwanza tomorrow you will answering to him. You can not say anything if Hakiande appoints him or creates postion for Mwanza like that foooooool at the Ministry of Information who is the defacto Minister/ PS. Just look at how the UPND has messed with PR with the catholic church as much as I detest Mwanza and his dirty mudsligging I think he would have done a better more descreet job than the whole of the UPND media group including that fooooolish Director at the Ministry of Information.

  5. I have known people from Eastern province to be consistent and patient people but this one has disappointed me any way he was abrasive and eloquent on his job, however what he has left vacant very soon someone will get it , my only worry for him is he seems not to agree with divergent views and democracy , because in democracy a lone voice doesn’t win

  6. With these hungry clowns like Antonio Mwanza Zambia will never develop…just looking for where they can reap without sowing…soon he will become a UPND praise singer and start receiving brown envelopes…Spaka your position is at stake

    • We know him………….

      It’s the SP that will have him………

      No need for him in UPND……….

      however, he is welcome to support UPND…….

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