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Copperbelt Province Minister Assures the Church of Government and a Health Relationship


Copperbelt Province Minister Hon Elisha Matambo has assured the Church of government support and a health relationship as government and the church are not in competition but serve same Zambians.

Hon Matambo said this when he met with Masaiti District Clergy Men and Women from all denominations.

The Copperbelt Minister further said the UPND government has opened a new page of reconciling Zambians who were previously divided on political lines , tribal lines and other divisive issues which divided Zambians.

Hon Matambo also used the opportunity to share the New Dawn Government score cards in the areas of Economy, Education, Health and other sectors.
Meanwhile, the church has also stated that they are happy with the New Dawn Government as all government policies are positively attending to majority of vulnerable society members.

Representing the Masaiti Clergy Men and Women of God, Pastor Oliver Nyerenda said the Church will always be there for good governments such as the New Dawn Government led by H.E Mr Hakainde Hichilema which is giving Zambians free education, expanded social cash transfer, non segregative employment for Zambians, freedom of worship without being teargassed but in a peaceful atmosphere among many other good things.

Pastor Nyerenda added that the Church will continue praying for the government and Republican President H.E Mr Hakainde Hichilema to continue on the developmental path and uniting Zambians in a peaceful atmosphere currently being enjoyed by everyone.

The event was attended by all Masaiti District clergy Men and Women drawn from different denominations such as Catholics, United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Evangelical Church of Zambia ( ECZ) Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA) and Pentecostals.

The UPND has maintained Zambia as a Christian Nation while promoting and upholds religious freedom and tolerance of other religions and believes.


  1. Lusaka times cannot even get the heading of this article correct. More evidence that they ate now being run by upnd thugs from m0nze

    Due to the poor governance and failures affecting our country caused by the inc0mpetent upnd g0vt, I have decided to pr0test. From last week, I am taking part in a self imp0sed semen retenti0n protest for a m0nth. This means I will in no way ejacuIate for a month in protest. I urge those who love our country to j0in in and support this pr0test. To th0se who continue to supp0rt the upnd, I ask you to mention one c0mm0dity that has gone down in price since upnd took over. Failing which you close your dirty m0uth To those who supp0rt my pr0test I ask that you d0wnv0te this comment. If you don’t supp0rt my pr0test then please upv0te this comment.

  2. I told these fooooools that you dont go into a war of words with a catholic priest whether he supports Lazy Lungu or not to avoid that battle and focus on the winning the war which is improving the economy.

  3. This guy is too small to talk about the relationship with the insulted church and those behind those insults they have both insulted God and all Zambians who have the confidence the all mighty God .
    This is very dangerous for any human being you can insult your fellow man but you don’t play with the creator of your soul ( the insult is saying that useless day of prayer ). That is to focus your insults on the one who gets the glory from those prayers .
    I don’t what this man will do about this .

  4. Trying to do a repair job after crashing into the clergy. Mutati uku, Kawana uko, Matambo apa. The panel beating may not remove the dents

  5. Why cant you just apologize to the catholic than biting about the bush.This is very surprising that no is talking about apologizing,you cant call a Bishop Lucifer and you stay put.No one cant the church.Fighting the church is more like fighting God because Jesus is the Head of the church,even if you despise the church you are wasting your time and God will deal with you.

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