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Lusaka Province Minister Calls for Renewed Relationship with Russia to Boost Development


Lusaka Province Minister, Sheal Mulyata, has emphasized the importance of revitalizing and strengthening the relationship between Zambia and Russia. The minister called for increased trade and economic cooperation between the two countries, highlighting their long-standing history based on transparency, mutual respect, and development. This call was made during the Russian National Day Celebration held in Lusaka, where government officials, as well as representatives from various political parties, including UPND Secretary General Batuke Imenda, were in attendance.

Zambia has greatly benefited from the opportunities that Russia has provided over the years. These opportunities include scholarships, technical assistance, and financial aid across multiple economic sectors. The mutual relationship between the two nations has been a source of support and growth for both countries. Ms. Mulyata acknowledged Russia’s contribution to Zambia’s development and expressed her gratitude for the cooperation extended by the Russian government.

Russians Ambassador to Zambia, Azim Yarakhmedov with UPND Secretary General Batuke Imenda

With President Hakainde Hichilema assuming leadership in the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), Zambia aims to intensify its efforts to promote economic cooperation and trade within the region. This strategic move is expected to create enhanced business opportunities, attract investments, and generate employment opportunities. Additionally, Zambia is set to assume the chairmanship for the Southern African Development Community (SADC) on politics, defense, and security cooperation in August of this year.

During its tenure, Zambia will take on the responsibility of coordinating all activities pertaining to peace and security within the SADC region. This significant role highlights the trust and confidence placed in Zambia’s ability to foster stability and security in the subcontinent. Ms. Mulyata reaffirmed the country’s commitment to promoting peace and security, ensuring that the region remains peaceful and prosperous.

The relationship between Russia and Zambia has proven to be mutually beneficial. Russian Ambassador to Zambia, Azim Yarakhmedov, reiterated Russia’s commitment to strengthening the friendly relations that have existed between the two nations for many years. He expressed his country’s appreciation for Zambia, referring to it as an “all-weather friend.” Russia firmly upholds the principles of peace and non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries, demonstrating respect for Zambia’s sovereignty.

The Russian Ambassador further assured the Zambian government and business community of Russia’s continued assistance in establishing direct contacts across various sectors, including the economy, trade, culture, and education. This commitment to collaboration opens up new avenues for growth and development, fostering a closer partnership between the two countries.

Opposition Leaders who attended the event

The presence of opposition party leaders, such as Fred M’membe of the Socialist Party and Peter Sinkamba of the Green Party, at the Russian National Day Celebration indicates the broad consensus and support for strengthening relations with Russia across the political spectrum in Zambia.

The call for a renewed and stronger relationship between Zambia and Russia marks an important step in enhancing trade and economic cooperation. Both countries have benefited from their longstanding ties, and the commitment to deepening collaboration holds great potential for future growth and development. With President Hichilema’s assumption of leadership positions in COMESA and SADC, Zambia is poised to play a pivotal role in regional economic integration, peace, and security. As Russia continues to extend its support in various fields, the partnership between Zambia and Russia is expected to flourish, bringing forth new opportunities and mutual prosperity for both nations.


  1. WTF… ‘Russia firmly upholds the principles of peace and non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries’ Quote and unquote Stop dancing with the devil and ask him about Ukraine!!!!

    • Umm…wasnt it requested by the breakaway section to intervene after atrocities since 2014? I think you need to learn history, world-affairs and who the real devil is. It definitely is not them

  2. Well Stated above
    Besides that what has Russia contrbuted in any significance to developemnt in africa
    compared to other countries

    • You are mad to praise someone who threw you into the fire for coming to pull you out of that fire. Dont be so shallow. Read your History. Dont read Europe’s History of you.
      In Africa’s freedom struggle, Russia supported UNIP, Chama Chamapinduzi, ANC, Mau Mau, Patrice Lumumba, etc etc

  3. Well Stated above . lets add Crimea
    Besides that what has Russia contrbuted in any significance to developemnt in africa
    compared to other countries

  4. We didn’t even know there was a Lusaka province minister. This minister wil be fired soon by the coon HH who is a western stooge. Your president is controlled by the west who funded his election victory. The good thing about pf is that we won genuinely without any external support or influence. This meant we were able to govern independently and patriotically. We stand with Russia in the war

  5. PF is recorded as the only Kakistocracy Zambia has know
    with your limited vocabulary google the word
    and tell me history is wrong

  6. Due to the poor governance and failures affecting our country caused by the inc0mpetent upnd g0vt, I have decided to pr0test. From last week, I am taking part in a self imp0sed semen retenti0n protest for a m0nth. This means I will in no way ejacuIate for a month in protest. I urge those who love our country to j0in in and support this pr0test. To th0se who continue to supp0rt the upnd, I ask you to mention one c0mm0dity that has gone down in price since upnd took over. Failing which you close your dirty m0uth To those who supp0rt my pr0test I ask that you d0wnv0te this comment. If you don’t supp0rt my pr0test then please upv0te this comment.

  7. Forget Russia, all they are trying to do is get around sanctions for it illegal war in Ukraine.
    Less be honest Russia cannot do anything to boost trade with Zambia, apart from probably a few old guns.
    Just the mere presence of Fred M’membe being there tells you it is a propaganda exercise.
    Forget Russia, Zambia is moving forward.
    We are creating our own new path.

    • Ben – You are absolutely clueless on the natural resources Russia has..Gas prices have gone up by 5 times in Europe becuase of those sanctions. China is benfiting greatly from Russian oil and gas to the point where they are building pipelines.

    • You’re just a victim of Western propaganda who will never see anything positive from the East-only from the West. The US and Britain invaded Iraq under false pretences and against UN resolutions and you never called that war illegal. They invaded Libya and you never said it was illegal. Prior to that they invaded Vietnam, Afghanistan and these wars were perfectly normal to you because CNN and BBC said so. Russia and China are standing up for a new world order but you too brainwashed to appreciate their fight.

  8. The bribes have now started flowing in to these ministers…HH is too scared to talk about such subjects his managers in Washington would disclipine him.

  9. This minister has no capacity to influence Russia those matters are for the man at state house , who sold Zambia to imperialist America as long as he did what he did nothing will have any meaning from any other source exccept for donations from from the west.

  10. @Tarino Orange – I fail to see your point on Russia’s natural resources.
    Africa has the most natural resources anywhere in the world.
    Let’s take oil as you mentioned: Angola (next door) has it, Nigeria in West Africa has it.
    African countries has to stop looking at others and develop theirs. This is what President HH is doing.
    In the same way that you are saying China is benefitting from the sanctions on oil, oil rich African countries should be looking to do the same. Don’t you think so.
    Stop think Russia, China think AFRICA. We have the resources that the rest of the world want

    • @Ben you are just making noise. Ati “This is what President HH is doing”? When Zambia gets its oil from Saudi Arabia. Yet next door Angola has it in abundance? Zambia’s biggest trading partner is Switzerland. Why not Kenya? or DRC or South Africa?

  11. You cant compare the mighty USSR or Soviet Union of Mikhail Gorbachev, Nikita Khrushchev,Leonid Brezhnev,Yuri Andropov etc to this current capitalist oriented and war mongering Russia under Putin.
    Zambia has historical ties to the Soviet Union and not this new Russia led by the Mafia.
    Lets not confuse ourselves.

  12. Have you ever seen Russian products (cars,fridges,computers or building products) in Zambia or Africa? That should tell you Russia is not a development partner -its a sh1tty 3rd world country with nukes.

    • Most of you judge the success of imperialists by how much they dominate you: Indeed the US dominates better than anyone. You dont even want to drink Munkoyo because you think Cocacola is best.
      However, Third World countries dont give First World countries a lift into space! Until China and the UAE launched space rockets two years ago, Russia has been the only nation flying craft into space for the past 30 years so the US has been relying on Russian spacecraft.
      Russia was never an imperialist so they did not dominate ‘colonies” like Europe and the US did.

    • Most of you judge the success of imperialists by how much they dominate you: Indeed the US does this better than anyone. You dont even want to drink Munkoyo because you think Cocacola is best.
      Their carmaking technology wasnt as good as Japan and the US but they had excellent military hardware and are still very good in the IT industry.
      Russia exports nuclear power, arms, extractives, and grains, mainly to Egypt Algeria Morocco and South Africa. China is teaching Russia a lesson in countering the US economically

    • Cosmos you empty head have you made any cars yourself? Africans are Spectators who think they are experts

    • Mlevi if you are seeing products from developed countries it is not because you are their development partner. You are their dumping ground! Which some ecnomists might say their market.

  13. Stop being damn blinded by the West lyrics what development is Russia going to bring “guns” you’re sort of putting two enemies in one bottle it seems, “Russia & America”

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