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ZICTA to INstall 980 Communication Towers by 2025


The Zambia Information Technology Communication Authority (ZICTA) under the universal access master plan, has identified communication gaps in the country and is in the process of installing 980 communication towers before 2025.

ZICTA Consumer Protection and Compliance Manager, Edgar Mulauzi disclosed this during a courtesy call on Rufunsa district commissioner, Richard Mabena in his office yesterday.

Mr. Mulauzi said that the Authority is aware of the country’s telecommunication gaps countrywide and will ensure a 100% coverage under government’s digital transformation agenda 2025.

Mr. Mulauzi said under the universal master plan, ZICTA is in the process of installing 980 communication towers so that government’s digital transformation agenda is achieved.

“Under the Universal Access Master Plan, we have identified the gaps in terms of communication gaps and we are in the process of installing 980 communication towers countrywide”, said Mr. Mulauzi.

He said the Authority is anxious to realise the Government’s Digital Transformation Agenda that by 2025, there must be 100% coverage in terms of telecommunication.

“Through the ambitious programme of supporting Government’s Digital Transformation Agenda that by 2025 there must be 100% network coverage in telecommunication, ZICTA is in the process of installing communication towers to bridge the communication gaps being experienced in the country,” Mr. Mulauzi added.

Mr. Mulauzi who led a team of ZICTA Consumer Protection and Compliance staff also told the District Commissioner that they were in the district to create awareness on how mobile phone users can protect themselves from scammers.

He said they have embarked on training for mobile money agent providers to equip them with necessary knowledge on how they can assist in curbing frauds in their operations.

“As ZICTA we have also embarked on Agency trainings for mobile money agent providers so that they are equipped with necessary knowledge as they are the first entry point and because most of these frauds and scams may come through them, hence equipping them with knowledge on how they can help curb this vice,” said Mr. Mulauzi.

He further said the agents of different mobile phone companies have been told of the dangers of selling pre-registered Sim cards as these perpetuate all sorts of crime.

Mr. Mulauzi also added they want members of the public to report all fraud and scammers messages to ZICTA on *707# and *101# to check on how many numbers have been registered on their National Registration Card.

Rufunsa District Commissioner, Richard Mabena commended ZICTA for the timely move of bridging the gap in telecommunication.
Mr. Mabena said the district has so many challenges in terms of mobile phone communication as most areas have no access to mobile phone communication.

He said it was the cry of the three chiefs in the district especially Chief Shikabeta who has always been complaining of poor network in his chiefdom.
“The district is too vast and most of the areas have poor network and this is affecting ICT in schools,” Mr. Mabena said.
He said the realization of Government’s Digital Transformation Agenda of installing the more than 900 towers countrywide was a right move which will help in enhancing technology in most rural districts.

On the awareness meeting with mobile agents, Mr. Mabena and a cross section of people have welcomed the move as most people have been victims of scammers.

The District Commissioner appealed to ZICTA to consider holding such meetings throughout the district so that people are informed on how they can help bring these scammers to book.


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