Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Japanese Government Donates Equipment Worth $5 Million to University of Zambia School of Veterinary


The University of Zambia School of Veterinary has received a significant boost with a generous donation of veterinary equipment worth $5 million from the Japanese government. The donation is expected to greatly advance veterinary medicine not only in Zambia but also in the entire sub-region.This significant contribution includes state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities, a top-of-the-range Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner, a mobile clinic, a Toyota Land Cruiser, and a 29-seater bus. These cutting-edge resources will not only enhance disease diagnosis but also enable the clinic to respond to the needs of farmers directly on their farms while providing valuable field experience opportunities to a larger number of students.

Vice President Mutale Nalumango expressed her appreciation for the Japanese government’s contribution during a reception ceremony for the equipment. She stated that the donation is a clear demonstration of the ongoing strong bilateral relations between Zambia and Japan. Mrs. Nalumango emphasized the crucial role of the new equipment in enhancing veterinary medicine education and practice in the country.

Japanese Ambassador to Zambia, Takeuchi Kazuyuki, also spoke at the event, highlighting the significance of the donation in supporting the University’s School of Veterinary Medicine. Mr. Kazuyuki underscored Japan’s commitment to fostering development and cooperation in Zambia’s education sector. He expressed confidence that the state-of-the-art equipment would greatly improve service delivery to students and the public.

Professor Boniface Namangala, the Acting Vice Deputy Chancellor of the University of Zambia, welcomed the timely donation, acknowledging the numerous challenges faced by the School of Veterinary. He expressed his gratitude to the Japanese government for their support and emphasized the positive impact the equipment would have on the institution.

The equipment grant from Japan will undoubtedly enhance the training and research capabilities of the University of Zambia’s School of Veterinary. It is expected to provide students with valuable hands-on experience and access to modern technologies in the field of veterinary medicine. Additionally, the advanced equipment will bolster the quality of veterinary services offered to the public, leading to improved animal healthcare and welfare.

The University of Zambia’s School of Veterinary plays a critical role in training veterinary professionals and conducting research to address the health needs of animals in Zambia and beyond. The generous donation from the Japanese government reaffirms their commitment to supporting Zambia’s education and healthcare sectors.

As the equipment finds its place within the School of Veterinary, it is anticipated that this donation will contribute to the advancement of veterinary medicine and raise the standards of animal care in Zambia.


  1. I think it’s about time we also started donating some world life to our Japanese friends mwe…we should slo feel sorry for countries that lack natural resources because we take it for granted until it’s gone.

  2. A Toyota Landcruiser, 29 seater bus? Do we really need such things donated by the Japanese government? Zambia needs to do much better than this. We are supposed to be collecting revenue from our minerals and buying such things.

    • I totally agree with your thoughts… I think we need more scanners than land cruisers and minibus…. which will end up being misused (personal, funerals, etc..). Is it not cheaper to rent such.

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