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Zumani Zimba and Co-Accused Apply for Bail Amid Shocking Police Abuse Allegations


Former State House Special Assistant to the President for Politics, Zumani Zimba, along with Marlone Banda, Potipher Gwai, and Given Phiri, have applied for bail before the Lusaka High Court. The four individuals are co-accused in a case pending trial.

Citing Article 18(2)(a) of the Constitution and provisions of Section 123 of the Criminal Procedure Code and the Anti-Terrorism Act no. 6 of 2018 by Act No. 6 of 2023, they seek admission to bail pending trial.

Recently filed documents in the high court have revealed shocking allegations made by Given Phiri, one of the co-accused. Phiri claimed that he and the others were subjected to physical abuse and torture by the police, who allegedly forced them to implicate former President Edgar Lungu and Christopher Zumani Zimba in the case. Sworn affidavits were filed in the Lusaka High Court under Case No. HPBA/16/2023 in the matter of the People Vs Given Phiri, Marlone Banda, Potipher Gwai, and Chris Zumani Zimba.

In his affidavit, Given Phiri identified a senior criminal investigations officer named Officer Simunza Uyoya as the leader of the team that allegedly beat and tortured him. Phiri claimed that the officers informed him about the substantial funding behind the investigations and their interest in implicating President Edgar Lungu and Christopher Zumani in the gassing allegations.

Phiri further explained that his involvement in the case stemmed from an incident in January 2020. He received a call from a lady in Kabwe who had traveled to Sinda and informed him about two Mozambicans selling red mercury and gold for K50,000. Phiri, accompanied by his friend Marlone Banda, embarked on a trip to Eastern Province in a Toyota Mark X to conduct the business deal.

During their journey, they carried items such as used oil for the car, hand sanitizers, cough medicine, and perfume. Their intention was to meet a woman named Sarah Chibwe in Sinda, who would guide them to the two Mozambicans selling the goods.

Upon arrival in Sinda, they were directed to the local police station, where the Mozambicans were being held after an altercation with Sarah Chibwe. Phiri and Banda were asked to prove that they came from Lusaka and presented toll gate receipts as evidence.

They learned that the previous day, a mob had beaten the Mozambicans, who were subsequently rescued by the police. Sarah Chibwe, accompanied by two police officers, had attempted to forcefully obtain the gold and red mercury from the Mozambicans, resulting in the altercation.

As the Mozambicans tried to escape, the mob accused them of being gassers, which led to a chase and subsequent beating. Feeling uneasy about the situation, Phiri and Banda decided to leave, leaving the Mozambicans in police custody.

However, their troubles began when they reached the Petauke Police Checkpoint. After a search, the police discovered the used oil, hand sanitizers, and Phiri’s perfume. They were accused of being involved in the gassing incidents in Sinda and taken to the police station.

Phiri claimed that to prove their involvement, the police sprayed the substances on their faces, but nothing happened. Subsequently, they were transferred to the Chipata Police Station due to the seriousness of the gassing reports.

Eventually, they were transferred to Lusaka. After verifying the details of the incident and confirming the harmless nature of the items in their possession, they were released.

To their surprise, on 23rd March 2023, Phiri received a call from the police, detaining him on allegations of involvement in gassing. He and the others were interrogated and taken to Sinda District, where the police confirmed that no gassing incidents had occurred in the district.

Although they were later released on police bond, they were subsequently rearrested. Phiri stated that after their prolonged detention, the Lusaka High Court granted them a habeas corpus for their release. It was on that day that Zumani Zimba was brought in, detained, and charged with possessing articles of terrorism.

The application for bail by Zumani Zimba, Marlone Banda, Potipher Gwai, and Given Phiri will now be considered by the Lusaka High Court as the legal proceedings continue. The shocking allegations made by Given Phiri of police abuse and forced implication of high-profile figures add another layer of complexity to the case, further highlighting the importance of a fair and impartial investigation.

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  1. Welcome to dictatorshlp. You dumb naive f00Is voted upnd because you were gullible to believe lies from diasporan based upnd thugs. How f00Iish do you have to be to believe someone who doesn’t even live in your country. This is just beginning. You will now see how eviI hh is.

  2. The behavior of the Zambia Police at any time is a reflection of those in charge. Three persons are directly in charge of the Police. These are the Commander in Chief, the Minister and the IG.

  3. So what is this now? Same police brutality you said you would put an end to ka? Imwe a UPND ni cani kansi? Can we have a political dispensation brave enough to curtail old practices please????? A cimbwi imwe.

  4. That man Yuyi has been said to beat suspects by a lot of them. Tayali previously stated this and now these two accused. Does the police command follow up on these allegations? We should install public CCTV in public areas both for their protection and protection of suspects.
    However, what are the technical merits of this case? The offence is clearly non-bailable but they apply for bail on the premise that they (three accused) had been arrested on the same charge previously.
    Lastly, out of curiosity; why would ECL send his political advisor to gas people? What kind of benefit would he accrue from that?

    • The same PF accused HH of being behind the gassing, so of what benefit would the gassing be to HH??

    • Kulibonesha, I did not infer that HH is behind the gassing. I can promise you that neither HH or Lungu were involved in this.
      Sometimes I wonder why we involve our politicians in some of these things. It’s how Miles Sampa was accused of being involved in the gruesome murder of Ruth Mbandu because it was the first of its kind. He has sued people for that. And Tayali is in court for alleging Mukuni involvement in gassing.

    • I dont like ECL one bit but I dont like the lack of expertise in our police-and in many other professions in Zambia I must say. Why would ECL send his political advisor to gas people? What kind of benefit would he accrue from that Simple logic which unfortunately our police dont have

  5. I do not for one moment believe the accusations against the police.
    The Current crop of opposition politicians in Zambia are known to be l1ars and fabricators. You just cannot believe them.
    They sensationalise things.
    Let’s look at a few recent examples:
    – Missing k65 million – lie
    – The purported letter from the President – lie
    – The purported letter from the Ministry of Information – lie
    – The supposed Police abduction of the criminal Munir Zulu – lie
    – Munir Zulu accusing the President “Ethnic Cleansing” – lie

    These guys lack credibility and when they are found out they do not even apologise.

    • The letter from the auditor general’s office to ACC is real and factual. This is why the police did not arrest the journalist. Editor in chief of Diggers disclosed that he was being asked about the shareholding of the company.
      You are naive if you think majority of the Zambia police don’t abuse suspects.
      The ‘missing’ 65 million was improperly done, hence reflecting in the AG letter. Someone at ACC should be arrested for failure to follow procedure.
      What did the police do when there was a leaked audio?
      What did the police do when Imenda was reported for hate speech?
      Why haven’t the police arrested Matomola for sharing the same fake letters they have arrested PF bloggers over?
      Munir Zulu is indeed sensational and shouldn’t be listened to, in similar manner to Thabo Kawana.

  6. We are in a tribal dictatorship. Your last name makes a deference between jail and getting an illegal director job.

  7. @ Ben…….above…..

    Very true, they are full of lies.

    Most of it is school boy amateur lies………

    Hoping for headlines and public sympathy…….

    On the other hand, least we forget……..

    More than 50 innocent Zambians were lynched and burned alive by vigilantes because of gassings…..

    This is the darkest moment in the history of zambia, with images more akin to soweto during their struggle…….

    The perpetrators and masterminds must be brought to justice……

  8. Another case going nowhere. Fishing in the dark is not how investigations are done as you can build a solid case on mere innuendos. As for claims of torture, that is highly debatable.

  9. So this chap Zumani Zimba is still behind bars…they want to break him so he gives up some secrets about Lazy Lungu.

  10. What did we learn about writ habeas corpus iñ civics in form 2? look at the referee ,he is standing perpendicular to the ground looking at the lines man with a raised flag trying to figure what problem is brewing up on the pitch.

  11. What advantage is learning about writ habeas corpus in civics in form 1at secondary school? look at the referee ,he is standing perpendicular to the ground looking at the lines man with a raised flag trying to figure what problem is brewing up on the pitch.


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