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Explosions Rock Kyiv as African Leaders Embark on High-Stakes ‘Peace Mission


Kyiv, Ukraine – A delegation of African presidents, led by President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa has embarked on a crucial peace mission to address the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The African leaders arrived in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, as part of their collective efforts to promote stability and seek a peaceful resolution to the crisis.The delegation from South Africa, Egypt, Senegal, Congo-Brazzaville, Comoros, Zambia, and Uganda is meeting President Volodymyr Zelensky on Friday and President Vladimir Putin on Saturday.

Explosions rocked Kyiv as the group of African leaders arrived in Ukraine as part of an African peace mission.The leaders were seen heading into a hotel in the capital to use its air-raid shelter.Air raid sirens also blared in the Ukrainian capital as the visit began, the latest in a series of twists as the mission gets underway.

According to Reuters News at least two explosions rocked the capital but mayor Vitali Klitschko said they were caused by air defences. He reported no deaths or big damage in the city but emergency services said four people, including a child, were hurt in the Kyiv region.

President Hichilema, accompanied by his fellow African counterparts, expressed gratitude for the support and prayers received from around the world as they undertake this significant diplomatic mission. The delegation acknowledges the weight of the task at hand and is determined to contribute to the restoration of peace and harmony in the region.

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has been a cause of concern for the international community, prompting concerted efforts to deescalate tensions and find a peaceful solution. The presence of the African leaders underscores the global commitment to promoting stability, peace, and the principles of diplomacy.

During their visit to Kyiv, the African delegation will engage in high-level meetings with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and other key stakeholders involved in the conflict resolution process. The discussions will center on understanding the complexities of the situation, exploring avenues for peaceful dialogue, and identifying potential areas of cooperation to restore stability in the region.

The visit to Kyiv is the first leg of the African leaders’ peace mission, which will also include meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Saint Petersburg. The objective is to engage all parties involved in the conflict, seeking common ground and working towards a peaceful resolution that safeguards the interests and well-being of all affected nations.


  1. KK made a similar trip to Iraq few days before the US and its allies began the bombardment of Iraq in February 1991. He might have been the last head of State to visit Saddam before the operation Desert Storm took effect. This war can last indefinitely as long as it’s being sustained by those supplying the warring parties with arms.

  2. Just wondering, is Egypt represented by President Siisi? He only attends Arab summits. I doubt if he’s there

    • He would never leave the nest or the seat…that’s the nature of leaders who take power by the sword.

  3. Visiting a war zone might have just just reminded HH why the decision to mothball the presidential Gulfstream jet is short sighted.

  4. Ma stooge yeka yeka…why are the Europeans not doing the same for you in the Congo and Sudan? Instead they are making money from you by selling you weapons. Ushe will these chaps ever wake up?

    • Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba and Col. Muammar Gaddafi are turning in anger in their graves at the sight of these spineless weak visionless leaders who know nothing about mother Africa or its history. These are simply puppets putting on a show for their master…I mean the amount of aid Ukraine has recieved in this short period is more than Africa as whole has ever recieved and they decide to go over there…what a bunch of fooooooooooooooools.

  5. If two masters grossly hate each other are you as a slave obliged to join their fight or to pacify them?

  6. Look at these clowns….this is the worst hypocrisy that I have ever seen….Farmers are being brutally murdered in South Africa…little kids dying of hunger because of war in Congo…Sudanese have fled their homeland…Mozambicans are being murdered by rebels…and we have a bunch of clowns wasting tax payers money just to go and pose for pictures and shake hands with Bazungu….they should be ashamed of themselves…so HH is just a Demagogue Politician….Ramaphosa is the chief uncle Tom and a big criminal….i wish Russia can just drop a MOAB…mother of all bombs on these imbeciles heads

    • What farmers are brutally murdered in South Africa? Stop conflating Boer propaganda with genuine African tragedies. The Boers are the murderers. They live on land and own livestock looted from black people at gun point. If there is any lesson the African leaders, especially Cyril Ramaphosa should learn from this trip, it is that you do not roll over when someone oppresses you, and steals your land, as Ukraine is trying to do to the Russians in the Donbas. You have to fight the damn Boers and get back the African land

  7. That is what you get for lacking backbones and travelling with ichimpwena to a war that does not involve you or one that you have no influence over. Mugabe and the other greats wouldn’t have wasted their time meeting a comedian, but hh is a clown so he is wiling to risk his life for a visit to a comedian president. Russia can you bomb that place tonight to smithering!

    • You were too busy learning sex from your mother (as you have confessed) to remember that Mugabe was a lackey of the English until they refused to pay for land. In 1986, Kaunda wanted train the ire of the Commonwealth on England for refusing to impose sanctions on South Africa, by threatening to withdraw the frontline states. Mugabe immediately and openly contradicted Kaunda by announcing that the Frontline States would not withdraw from the Commonwealth, but work within to bring about change. This one of the things that Zimbabwean snake did. There is a reason the English loved him so much, until he took the land

  8. You shun a war that is just by your doorstep( sudan) but are quick to travel to a European war. Ironically the Sudan war is being funded by america and Europe who are keen to get Sudanese fighting so that they steal Sudans resources. Meanwhile there you are hh aimlessly visiting Ukrainian who hate negros like you. Vipayeni. Russia can you bomb vipayeni

    • It is shocking to see such writing from you. It seems that it was being driven by hatred, or Chikonko. Chikonko kills and I hope it does so swiftly.

      Sudan ?? no amount of assistance will help Africa
      A Africa that needs an african solution only

    • No chikonko. I have read all you responses and non of you have provided a substantive response to my points. All you do is attack me because you know what I say is truth. The truth hurts brothers and sisters. Accept that upnd government are useless under 5s.

  9. These clowns should be ashamed of themselves….they’ll failing to find solutions for electricity and clean water and yet they’ve the guts to go to Ukraine…Lusaka has no public toilets…filthy everywhere… .the Scandinavians didn’t create a summit for Ukraine war….Australia New Zealand didn’t create a summit for Ukraine war…but only greedy imbeciles from Africa can do such a stupid thing ……..crime and poverty in South Africa is on the rise…..i thought HH really wanted to transform Zambia it turns out he’s just an assss holeee

    • They are shameless bunch of morons…everyone there is laughing at them as the locals there can enjoy three square meals a day even in a war zone but where these so called leaders are coming from countries where their people can only dream of that!!

    • Go and talk to your relatives who starting with Simon Chushi Mwewa, the corrupt former mayor of Lusaka who ran it down, to Michael Sata, a near illiterate who was also mayor of Lusaka, and who as president of Zambia looted the national coffers and plunged the country into unpayabe debt. All the problems you mention were there before HH became president. Why did you not complain then?

    • Spaka is delusional drum beater for Hakiande…he also sees visions like Shaka’s isangoma Sitayi

  10. Stupidity of the highest order even those locals are simply laughing at the dark men who have come to visit them with nothing to offer. I am sure the kids think they are Black Americans so giving them a bit of respect.HH should respect that Office of the President he is not a CEO for his business to be making such careless decisions as for Ramaphosa he is another big fooooool one minute he is kissing Putin’s hand today he is in Ukraine instead of sorting out powercuts and corruption in RSA.

    • They are under pressure from the West to condemn Russia. This way they can say that they prefer the better solution of peace. They can say that as peace makers, they cannot take sides and are neutral. If anyone wanted to foster real peace, he would shuttle between Washington and Moscow. Ukraine has no power and does what it is told

    • They are under pressure from the West to condemn Russia. By embarking on this trip they can say that they prefer the better solution of peace. They can say that as peace makers, they cannot take sides and must be neutral. If anyone wanted to foster real peace, he would shuttle between Washington and Moscow. Ukraine has no power and does what it is told

  11. What about the forty something other Heads of African states still at home, why can’t they go to Sudan?

  12. These are the kind of presidents Africa has. Clowns and jokers. They all have very big problem in their backwards but would consider going to meet people that do not even meet them.

  13. Let me add my voice here. Ukraine has been known to ring their air raids whenever they have visitors of importance and they also shoot up rockets into empty apartments.
    The BBC report has very clearly reported this even as the African delegation is there. All Ukrainian ministers then take to twitter sharing pictures. Information is powerful.
    Now for a person like HH who despite having gone to national service, peace is all he knows. Hearing air raids and background explosions will certainly do it’s emotional psychology.

    • That’s war for you the psychology and media propaganda war as perfected by legendary Vietnamese communist forces General (Self taught) Vo Nguyen Giap.

    • Yes those raids are staged. Why would Russia fire missiles when African leaders including one who supports them arrive?

  14. @kci
    Its called forcing things….forcing yourself where you’re not wanted….am sure you’ve heard what happened to them in Poland…they got harassed big time

  15. We should be having African Summit to fight poverty…corruption…Agriculture….healthcare. ….proper service delivery not wasting time going to places where you’re not even wanted….if you’re involved in an accident in Zambia there’s no Emmergency just bleed to death and HH is wasting benzene to go and pose for pictures in Ukraine and Russia

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