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15-Year-Old Mwinilunga Girl commits Suicide Over K3


Mwinilunga, North-Western Province – A 15-year-old girl of Kabanda compound of Mwinilunga district allegedly committed suicide after her elder sister failed to repay her Three Kwacha debt. The North-Western Province Police commanding officer, Dennis Moola, confirmed the devastating news in a statement to ZANIS, identifying the young victim as Christabel Sokauta.

According to Mr. Moola, Christabel took her own life by reportedly consuming a suspected poison she had purchased from the market. The tragic act followed her sister’s failure to reimburse the three Kwacha that she had borrowed without Christabel’s consent. The aunty of the deceased, Juliet Kadochi (24), reported the incident to the police, detailing how her niece consumed the poison around 14:00 hours on June 15, 2023.

Explaining the events leading up to the tragedy, Mr. Moola stated that Christabel became upset when her elder sister, Jean Sokauta (22), did not repay the borrowed three Kwacha. In her distress, Christabel went to the market, where she purchased the suspected poison and tragically ended her own life. The community rushed her to Mwinilunga District Hospital, but she was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Acting promptly on the report, the police visited the hospital to conduct a physical examination of the body. No visible physical injuries were observed, prompting the authorities to suspect that no foul play was involved in the matter. As a result, the body of the deceased has been transferred to the Mwinilunga District Hospital mortuary, where it awaits burial arrangements.

The tragic loss of a young life over a small debt serves as a stark reminder of the importance of empathy, communication, and support within families and communities. It is essential for individuals to address financial matters with compassion and understanding, ensuring that no burden becomes too overwhelming for those who may be struggling.


  1. And you have an excuse of a president who is busy meeting a comedian in Ukraine to solve a war that doesn’t have anything to do with him, yet back home poverty is so high people killing themselves for 3kwacha

    • It is not my responsibility to use my money to fix upnd problems. The government role is to protect and serve the people. You have failed so move aside and let us who know what we are doing rule.

    • PF did not mismanage anything. It is what the liar HH has brainwashed you to believe while he is busy auctioning the country to the highest bidder. HH is just good at selling things. What is Ichilema doing in in Russia. If he cares about the people that voted for him he is supposed to be in China. But he is good at graphs and playing comedian.

  2. The incident is very unfortunate and we sympathy with the family of the young girl. We wish to advise the immediate family to the surviving sister to empathize with jean and offer her all the emotional support as she may be going through a very traumatizing phase as she may be feeling guilt and responsible for her sisters death.The family should not rebuke her insensitively as she may also be pushed to take her own life. Instead Jean should be offered a shoulder to lean on.The community should also play a role in the healing of both family and the surviving sister by avoiding stigma .

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