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Government Responds to Allegations of Police Brutality During Emmanuel Mwamba’s Arrest


Lusaka, June 19, 2023 – The government has responded to the allegations made by Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba, a member of the opposition Patriotic Front political party, regarding his alleged mistreatment by the police during his arrest. In a statement issued today, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Media, Mr. Kennedy Kalunga, expressed the government’s concern over the circulating claims.

On June 17, 2023, Mr. Mwamba was charged and arrested by the police on two counts of forgery as per Section 342 of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia, and three counts of publication of information contrary to Section 54 of the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Act No. 2 of 2021. Mr.Kalunga emphasized that law enforcement agencies in the country operate with the highest level of professionalism and integrity, guided by comprehensive protocols that ensure fair treatment of all individuals in custody.

Mr. Kalunga reiterated the government’s commitment to upholding the rights of every citizen, irrespective of their political affiliation. He acknowledged that Mr. Mwamba has reported the matter to the Police Complaints Commission, the authority responsible for investigating allegations of misconduct or brutality involving law enforcement officers. The government respects this process and eagerly awaits the commission’s report, which will provide further insights into the arrest and any potential misconduct, ensuring a fair and impartial assessment of the situation.

While the investigation is ongoing, Mr. Kalunga urged the public to refrain from jumping to conclusions or spreading unfounded rumors. He called upon all citizens to be patient and allow the investigative process to unfold. The government remains dedicated to creating an environment where civil liberties are protected, enabling individuals to freely express their views, regardless of their political affiliations. However, it is equally important to ensure that such expressions do not infringe upon the rights of others or disrupt the peace and stability of the nation.

Mr. Kalunga concluded the statement, reiterating the government’s commitment to transparency, fairness, and the protection of civil liberties.


    • 1. Don’t insult the wisdom/perception of the Zambian people. HH was on a trip to promote peace and stop the war, meanwhile his regime is at the centre of political brutality to his opponents. What happened to the rule of law? The very fact that they beat him up, means that they have no strong case to prosecute him but just intimidation. You are in power, you can speed a case against him through the courts using the DPP – Director of Public Prosecution. And let him face the law.

    • 2. Don’t you realize that you are bankrolling and wasting taxpayers’ money? This as, the likes of Mumbi Phiri, Sean Tembo & Emmanuel Mwamba will be lining up for compensation cases against the government. That is a lack of fiscal discipline by UPND to waste tax payers money just to score revenge. It’s like running a news media and you publish falsehoods, at the risk of civil & defamation cases in courts. Learn from PF’s mistakes. Thandiwe Banda – sued the government owned Times-Of-Zamba and won K2 Billion compensation case, when they accused her to have stollen K8 Billion that they claimed she used to build hotels in Kenya & Malawi which did not exist. That K2 Billion could have bought hospital beds.

  1. Dangerous Crooks are never treated lightly In any country. So, individuals shouldn’t do bad things deliberately

    • We saw it coming this government is full of hatred for some people , this is the atmosphere in the country you can hear it every where you go , this hatred will take Zambia no where but hatred and no development , when you are supposed to be working you are spending time on how you are going to arrest some one, it is now two years and nothing is happening on the ground .
      This government will be remembered as a government of hatred .

  2. Nyoo, baka lukisize kanamunungu kani, kambe mane Baka tubile lilete Kona leli ka fa ahulu ngambaanga ni mahañi.

  3. Those are the presidential hopeful candidates we have in Zambia. Candidates who are forgers of documents, liars and publishers of seditious materials

  4. Firstly were the documents just like the leaked audio forged. Where is Faith Musonda’s money? And you can not defend the Police who you are sending to brutalize citizens. We have people that have been locked up for over 48 hours without being charged and also explain why Mumbi Phiri was imprisoned for over year without evidence.

  5. Saying something to say nothing. What’s the point of this statement?
    One would expect the government to say something like;
    1. We don’t accept torture by the police or any other law enforcement agencies.
    2. We will ensure the full application of the law to any erring officers.
    3. Government does not tolerate any police officers who violate constitutional rights of suspects. Such officers will be subjected to the law.
    But no, we hear the public being warned against sharing news, and also a load of nothing about facts that are in the public domain.

  6. Very ill advised statement by the PS. Sometimes it is better to keep quiet. UPND still has support but with such Police brutality, UPNDs fortunes will dwindle very quickly. And though, there is no opposition which is showing some muscle to take over government, it is still dangerous for UPND Police to behave like this, you are making the government unpopular, there is no room for Police brutality in modern Zambia if true that the man even lost a tooth

    • Who ever is supporting this hate full government is living in dark ages , this government has not done anything to have any support , goods prices are too high, poverty has increased, and the mines on the copper belt are in limbo no one to make a decision living standards have sunk to their lowest level , people cannot afford any meaningful meals.
      In stead of solving the problems you are only engaged in brutalising those with different views against yours . with all these evil factors you cannot conclude that this leadership has any support from Zambians

  7. Well, the good thing is we are getting a statement from the permanent secretary in the Ministry of information and not from the Illegal Director Kawana or a party cadre and tribesmen Imenda. But there is still a big question to be answered, Where is Chushi Kasanda and what does she do?

  8. What a load of nonsense coming from the ministry PS! EM’s constitutional rights were violated as the police descended on him with heavy handedness and yet is a person with high standing in society someone who served this country and abroad with distinction. The govt could have done better in erasing the police brutality tag and a big dent on the ND govt.

  9. Me I don’t know who to listen to. PF guys may have a point but I know them to have demonstrated theatrical drama bordering on hysterics and naked dislike for the current regime for no apparent reason apart from their naked thirst for power as if politics is the only thing for people to do. On the other hand, Police needs retraining. They are still employing methods derived from the PF Policing era.

  10. When physical evidence is in the public domain and you have a cadre PS pretending when officers who inflicted pain on the honourable, should have just been fired, then we truly are living in a police state. Just remember one thing, governments come and go and everyone involved in this maladministration and brutalizing of fellow Zambians through fake allegations, will pay the price dearly as soon as another party gets into government. Lets not even pretend because this is going to happen whether we like it or not because the UPND is doing worse than what the PF did in almost everything.

  11. Where is that woman, who was so vocal in the previous regimes? Is she dead or what? If she is alive then this is one good reason why these so called civic Organisation are just funded by the people with evil intentions. This country is worse off in many respects when we compair and contrast with the previous regimes.

  12. Hon Raphael Nakachinda said and i quote.
    Ubututu….Let’s understand some people.
    When they speak. And bear with them because of ubututu. We were told when a person is arrested within 48hrs that people will be before the courts of law. Now some are speaking two weeks, one week in police cells, and one of ubututu is claim the government is committed to upholding human rights… UBUTUTU .
    Sadly ubututu is the order of the day.

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