Falsifying social cash transfer information punishable

78 year old Mary Kapeleketa of Kazungula District with her great grand-children. She is one of the beneficiaries for the government social cash transfer scheme

Government has warned of stern action against people giving fraudulent information in order to be registered on the social cash transfer programme.

Mbala District Social Welfare Officer, Fredrick Chilambwe disclosed that some people especially the elderly are falling into temptations of faking being widows in order to be registered on social cash transfer programme.

Mr Chilambwe was speaking during the sensitisation exercise of social cash transfer potential beneficiaries at Chipoka and Kakungu Community Assistance Welfare Committees (CWACs) in Lwandi Ward of Mbala district.

He said the government will scrutinise all the listed beneficiaries to identify genuine ones before they are included on the programme.

Mr Chilambwe warned that those who will be found wanting will be arrested.

The district social welfare officer also disclosed that government plans to increase the number of beneficiaries under the programme in the district by over 2,700 people.

He stated that the district which has the caseload of about 9,966 active beneficiary households will have a total of 12,724 by the end of the year.

Mr Chilambwe also indicated that government has reduced the years for beneficiaries on the programme from 65 to 60 years as per the National Registration Card.