Nkana Football Club Banned from using Chilata Stadium

File:Andrew Phiri of Zambia fouled by Daniel Liberal of Angola during the 2018 COSAFA U20 Championship 3/4 Place Playoff Football Match between Angola and Zambia at Nkana Stadium in Kitwe on 13 December 2018 ©Chris Ricco/BackpagePix

The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) Disciplinary Committee has made the decision to ban Nkana Football Club from using their stadium for the upcoming 2023-2024 season. The ban comes as a result of crowd trouble that occurred during the MTN Week 31 Super League match against Power Dynamos at the Arthur Davies Stadium on April 8.

In addition to the stadium ban, the Disciplinary Committee has ruled that Nkana’s home matches must be played 60 kilometers away from their usual venue, and the club will be forced to play their next 10 home matches without spectators.

FAZ and Power Dynamos lodged a complaint regarding the incidents, prompting the committee to provide Nkana with an opportunity to present their defense. However, the club’s defense fell short, leading to the disciplinary actions being imposed.

Nkana Football Club has also been fined K50,000 for a violent incident that took place during a Week 30 match against Green Eagles on April 26 at Nkana Stadium. The incident involved the stoning of Green Eagles striker Derrick Bulaya.

Furthermore, the Disciplinary Committee has imposed a fine of K50,000 on Nchanga Rangers for a violent incident that occurred during the Week 30 match between Nchanga Rangers and Power Dynamos. Power Dynamos midfielder Joshua Mutale was targeted and stoned during the match.

Nchanga Rangers pleaded for leniency, highlighting that they had taken steps to enhance security measures following the incident. Despite their plea, the fine was imposed by the committee.

FAZ General Secretary Reuben Kamanga expressed hope that clubs would prioritize safety matters and handle them more effectively in the upcoming season. The association is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all players, officials, and spectators involved in Zambian football.

FAZ Communications Manager Sydney Mungala issued a statement in Lusaka, confirming the disciplinary actions taken against Nkana Football Club and Nchanga Rangers. The statement emphasizes FAZ’s dedication to maintaining a safe and respectful environment in Zambian football and serves as a reminder of the importance of proper conduct both on and off the field.


  1. Doesnt make sense. The incident happened at Power’s homeground but the away team gets its home matches banned! How? Its Power whose security systems didnt work

    • You are an imbecile and you think senta bonse yalitukola? Ndi mwina Nkana proper. Stop making excuses because a wrong is a wrong. Nkana and Power Dynamos are brothers since their inception.

    • Thats not the way it works. Its not the Nkana stadium that should have been closed. The club should have been banned from the league or from a number of fixtures. Not just from their home matches. The sentence is incongruent

  2. A stu.pid decision by a stu.pid committee. Kamanga’s hatred for teams that never supported his impeachment motion against King Kalu will soon consume him. What punishment have GBFC and Red Arrows received for their soldiers beating up of supporters and players on many occasions and at various stadia?

  3. Ba Mayanda you are the typical Nkana supporter. Always looking for a fight and never following logic. What are you rambling about and who are you labeling a title fit for yourself? Imbecile? Senta yalikukola sure

  4. @Kapambwe Mulenga Yes when Liverpool fans caused a disaster in Sheffield leaving 100 people dead their stadium wasnt banned. Liverpool were banned from EUEFA competitions

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