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President Hakainde Hichilema Embarks on State Visit to Rwanda


President Hakainde Hichilema is set to begin a two-day state visit to Kigali, Rwanda, following an invitation from his Rwandan counterpart, President Paul Kagame.

Upon his arrival at Kigali International Airport, President Hichilema will be warmly received by Rwanda’s Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Manasseh Nshuti, as well as Rwanda’s Ambassador to Zambia, Amandin Rugira. Senior government officials from Zambia, including Foreign Affairs Minister Stanley Kakubo and Commerce Minister Chipoka Mulenga, will also be present to welcome the Zambian President.

President Hichilema’s first destination will be Urugwiro village, the office of the President, where he will be greeted by President Paul Kagame. The two leaders are scheduled to hold private talks at the State House to discuss matters of mutual interest and strengthen bilateral relations.

Later in the evening, a State Banquet hosted by President Kagame at Serena Hotel will honor President Hichilema and provide an opportunity for the leaders to engage in further discussions.

The agenda for the following day focuses on resolving issues that have hindered bilateral trade between Zambia and Rwanda. President Hichilema and President Kagame will engage in bilateral talks with a particular emphasis on trade, investment, and infrastructure development.

Moreover, President Hichilema will attend an Inclusive FINTECH Business Forum, where he is expected to deliver a keynote address. This event aims to explore the potential of financial technology in promoting inclusive economic growth and expanding business opportunities.

Additionally, President Hichilema’s itinerary includes a visit to the Kigali Special Economic Zone, a hub for various industries in the manufacturing sector. This inspection will provide insights into Rwanda’s industrial development and potential areas for collaboration between the two nations.


  1. I seriously think there is something wrong with the presidential seat. Good people who assume that position tend to lose their heads.

    • Yes the seat has a lot of red ants. That area where the British built State House is ants’ territory! Rupiah Banda was the first to discover the ants.

  2. More Airport runway allowances so see off the President….more tax payers money wasted…..why don’t all these people seeing off and Welcoming the President just start staying at the Airport….Spaka and TIKKI please advise your small god HH….Zambians are dying of poverty….your small god said he was in a hurry to develop Zambia its almost 3 years now still no sign of development

  3. Itchy bum bum is on the move again. Nonsensical waste of money. How can a person who has failed to sort out internal problems be so keen on resolving external ones

  4. Another trip. I end up feeling second hand embarrassment, LOl.
    Those vested in political protocol and itinerary, what does it mean when they say he will be received by ministers of commerce and international corporation? Do they arrive before him or do they use the same jet?
    Secondly, for those more knowledgeable, what, pray tell, is the reason for all heads of defense to go to the airport to see the president off?

    • Very serious questions @Chiza Chirwa. Why are Army chiefs required at a President’s departure? One would think at the airport you only need the Shu Shu Shus because they are the ones in charge of the president’s security. Army chiefs willbe required when we are under attack by a foreign enemy, notat the airport. Can a soldier with a PHD in some defence faculty answer this question?

  5. Did he even reach home? This will be the most travelled President ever. The fact the Paul Kagame did not attend the trip for clowns to Russia should tell HH that he is not interested in time wasting. Leave Kagame alone who is busy developing his country.

    • Home? Which is home?
      Here is a puzzle from 2026 Special Paper exams for both Grade 7 and University PHD Thesis:
      Q Which is President HH’s home?
      A, Community House
      or B, Challenger Presidential Jet?
      Correct answer wins US$100,000.

  6. 1. HH is gallivanting a lot. Now is the time to lure the $25 Billion Investments he said was pledged to him in October 2019 in the USA, if he became the president while attending the Woodrow Wilson Center. Then again, HH is narcissistic. The best way to create the life you want to live is to create it. In life, no one is going to solve your problems. Your life is 100 % your responsibility. People can come and give you support but the obligation is down to you. This as well applies to Zambia’s problems.

  7. What did I say just two days ago? Every two days senior civil servants have to gather at KKIA VIP lounge for a tarmac ritual. Do they get paid taxpayers’ money for shaking hands with the president every two days? Is there any time to do laundry on their Airport attire?

  8. More money in his pockets… Allowances. This is very disheartening. At what time or point will the president focus on the challenges the nation is facing! Doing the very things he used to condemn …

    • If you want to get things done in Zambia you need a leader who is hands on like Sata when he was a minister of Local Govt…HH is too corporate even up to now he has not reshuffled his cabinet, up to now he is still living in New Kasama. He thinks he can talk to Paul Kagame for his white masters in Washington as Kagame doesnt dance to their tune.

  9. 2. No external power, money or influence will solve Zambia’s problems. HH needs to start motivating the nation, especially the youth. However, he has never been a motivational & inspirational speaker. Sadly, Edgar Lungu was never a motivational speaker too. Both of them are very flat.

  10. 3. The motivational & inspirational voice of a father in any family is important to the children. It shapes their future. The president’s inspiring voice in any nation matters a lot. One of the reasons the USA and Britain did well under the leadership of the Late JF Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Tony Blair in the UK was these leaders could inspire & motivate the young generation to rise and tap into their potential and abilities. HH needs to find an inspirational voice to communicate to the nation.

  11. June 18th: President Hichilema returns from Peace mission in Russia and Ukraine
    June 20th: President Hakainde Hichilema Embarks on State Visit to Rwanda

  12. Hakainde what do you want to do in Rwanda…your colleague Paul Kagame has put his head down busy working whilst you and Cyril are busy in Ukraine and Russia on a busy fruitless peace mission…busy pleading with Putin to stop the war so Ukraine can feed the world…how laughable. Do you hear of Paul Kagame leaving the country for more than 24 hours? This man is slowly turning into Lazy Lungu.

  13. Aha. I was in exile. I am now back. To analyse and attack all wrong doings. HH is a flying President with diplomatic suitcases full of stollen money from poor miners. The only excuse is that PF leaders were smiling each time they stole. They would go to young poor girls. Leaving behind a lot of street children. What a shame!

  14. Iwe chi Spaka, answer the dang questions. People want to know what’s going on with these trips.

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