Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Governement Details Movement of Faith Musonda Funds


The government has released comprehensive information regarding the collection, security, verification, and authentication of funds forfeited by Faith Musonda. In a ministerial statement delivered in Parliament yestderday, Acting Finance and National Planning Minister Charles Milupi provided an in-depth explanation of the entire procedure involved in depositing and transferring the substantial sum of over 65 million Kwacha and 57 thousand United States Dollars.

Minister Milupi emphasized the transparency and accountability with which the process was conducted, assuring the house that all the necessary records pertaining to the transactions were readily available. The minister stated that the Bank of Zambia played a crucial role in ensuring the proper handling of the funds.

According to Minister Milupi, the primary evidence detailing the actual transactions and movement of funds can be examined through various statements involving the accounts, such as the Asset Forfeiture Account and CONTROL 99. These records serve as a comprehensive and transparent audit trail, allowing for thorough analysis of the funds’ utilization.

Addressing concerns about the purpose of the forfeited funds, Minister Milupi affirmed that the resources had been successfully transferred to the Ministry of Education. He further explained that these funds are actively being used to support vulnerable students through the provision of bursaries. This initiative aims to enable students who face financial difficulties to access quality education and create better opportunities for their future.


  1. These chaps like Milupi and Mutati should have been moved on to there parties by now and awarded that nominated position to someone else

  2. Mambala hh will come back from France only to make another trip to Germany next week.

    Let him stay in a hotel in Europe, do all his trips then akabwele kunkazikika pa Zambia

    Bakabolala. Fuseke!

  3. Ba PF, what people are asking is – where and how did Faith Musonda acquire that much cash from? Ba Kelenka!

    • You are really lost cause. One thing you should know is that my life is much better after leaving government. I am making more monet by far from my businesses than i did serving my country. You should realise that service to country is sacrifice. I am way happier now spending more time with my family and making over k370,000 per month. The people suffering are you who voted upnd and the unfortunate pf supporters who have to live under useless upnd

  4. The Speaker’s request was specific: She requested the Minister to provide a copy of the deposit slip so that the matter could be put to rest. Milupi has provided a lengthy explanation but hasn’t answered the question. One day he’ll be asked the same question by law enforcement agencies. So it’s better to provide a credible explanation now

  5. An in-depth doctored doctor explanation. If the documents did not make it to the public. Some brainwashed UPND cadres will still be singing on how UPND is fighting corruption. Stealing stolen money. The next to be shared among Tongas are Esters Lungu’s properties.

  6. And these UPND criminals know that Zambians don’t have the capacity to verify anything…Zambians all they know is to be “soccer fans” of some English teams and drink beer…they have no time to hold their leaders accountable….

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