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Muzala Samukonga Clinches Gold Medal in Men’s 400m Race at Ostrava Golden Spikes


Muzala Samukonga, the talented Zambian sprinter, sprinted to victory and claimed the gold medal in the men’s 400 meters race at the 2023 Ostrava Golden Spikes continental tour. Clocking an impressive time of 45.05 seconds, Samukonga showcased his exceptional speed and solidified his reputation as a rising star in athletics.

Representing Zambia, Samukonga started the race in lane six but swiftly maneuvered his way to the front of the pack, leaving his competitors trailing behind. The National Olympic Committee of Zambia reported his remarkable achievement, highlighting his consistent performance and extraordinary talent.

As he prepares for the upcoming World Athletics Championship in Hungary in August, Samukonga has intensified his training since establishing a base in Germany. On his Diamond League debut on June 15, he delivered an impressive performance, completing the 400m race in 44.49 seconds, finishing just behind the world record holder, South Africa’s Wayde van Niekerk, who clocked 44.38 seconds.

Today, at the Ostrava Golden Spikes, Samukonga had another opportunity to either surpass his personal best or achieve a new season best. His current personal best stands at 43.91 seconds, and he aimed to excel on the track in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

Expressing his gratitude for the opportunity to compete at the prestigious Golden Spike event, Samukonga conveyed his honor to participate in the race. The event brought together top athletes from around the world, providing an excellent platform for Samukonga to showcase his skills and make his mark on the international athletics stage.


  1. Watch out Jamaica,USA and Nigeria…here comes the new sprints superpower Zambia to challenge you all.

    • Mlevi we’ve been a super power all along. Only that we ve been led by worn-out Mpondelas and Lazy Lungus so we just havent invested properly to bring out the talent. Southern Africa is full of World beating sprint and middle-distance champions just check: Samuel Matete, Frankie Fredericks, Maria Mutola, Wayde van Niekerk, Semenya and now Muza

    • Nigeria is not a power in athletics. I do think that Muzala can break the world record, but he needs to increase his endurance. Right now his problem is that in the middle of the race, he has to hold back to conserve his strength. In the last 100 he charges back to contend with the leaders. He should work on staying with the leaders, and use his kick to beat them in the last 100. He is young, and I hope that he will work on this. Well done Muzala…Go and get that gold

  2. Why is he using a Luvale surname…..

    The chap is of Tonga Tribe. We Tonga are the greatest tribe in Zambia. Bemba’s and Ngoni’s all need to be executed to clean up Zambia……

    • You are sick in the head to start stiring up tribalism sentiments here,think before you type your rubbish,don`t be foolish!

    • Nkolola, you cannot say he is a born-tribalist because no one is born anything. People learn as they grown. He may have become a tribalist because he has seen how parties like PF and MMD have used tribalism to favour their own in government jobs. I do not support him, but before you accuse a Tonga of tribalism, remember that the Tonga have been the most non-tribal people in Zambia. We were the first to revolt against the English. We paid for Kaunda to go and negotiate with the English over independence. We gave UNIP the majority. We rioted when that tribalist pygmy Chiluba was arrested in Choma, etc etc etc

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