Thursday, June 20, 2024

FSP under Wetlands Sub Programme flagged off


The Ministry of Community Development and Social Services (MCDSS) has flagged off the Food Security Pack (FSP) Programme for farming inputs under the Wetland Sub- Programme.

Speaking during the Ceremony in Chibombo District, Acting Community Development and Social Services Minister, Collins Nzovu who was represented by Central Province Minister Credo Nanjuwa said the government remains committed to uplifting the living standards of its people, particularly the poor and vulnerable households.

Mr. Nzovu said the mandate of the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services is to implement various basic social protection programmes aimed at protecting, promoting and assisting the poor and vulnerable in society.

He said the Ministry has been implementing a number of programmes such as the Social Cash Transfer (SCT), Public Welfare Assistance (PWAS), Women empowerment, and Food Security Pack (FSP) among others.

“Our country is endowed with abundant arable land for wetlands and rain –fed cropping as well as for the implementation of other livelihood interventions such as bee keeping, aquaculture, and the rearing of livestock and poultry. It is therefore important that we use the comparative advantage to better our living standards and livelihoods,” he said.

Mr. Nzovu added that the government was providing farming inputs and accompanying services to the vulnerable farmer households for the growing of maize and vegetables to enhance food nutrition and income security at household and community level.

He assured the vulnerable people of the government’s commitment to providing support to programmes that enhance the welfare of the less privileged in society, by improving food security as well as livelihoods and the creation of jobs.

“I urge officers and volunteers to enhance service delivery. This will not only help the government meet the objective of household food security but will also improve the welfare and livelihoods for household self-sustainability and poverty reduction,” he said.

And Central Province Permanent Secretary Milner Mwanakampwe who was represented by Chibombo District Commissioner Lloyd Kayeka, said the wetlands cropping component in central province was faring well in improving the livelihoods of the beneficiaries.

Mr. Mwanakampwe said the beneficiaries have managed to be food secured and were able to generate income through the sale of green maize and assorted vegetables.

He pointed out that the case load for the wetland cropping component for the province was 1,800 beneficiaries covering Kapiri Mposhi, Luano and Serenje Districts.

“The food Security Pack programme has continued to promote agriculture production and productivity thereby contributing food, nutrition and income security among the poor and vulnerable household,” he said.

Mr. Mwanakampwe said in the implementation of the wetland cropping component of the 2023/2024 farming season, the beneficiaries are each expected to receive an input pack of fertilizer, assorted vegetable seeds and pesticide.

He added that this will enable the beneficiaries to be able to utilize the input packs and be able to improve food security at households and generate income for their families.

Meanwhile, Chief Liteta of the Lenje people of Chibombo district commended President Hakainde Hichilema for the strides his government was making in promoting agricultural production of the poor and vulnerable but viable households through the food security pack.

Chief Liteta was happy when he noted that the programme has covered a total of 18,809 beneficiaries in the central province from the just ended 2022/2023 rain fed cropping programme.

“The programme has contributed to food nutrition and income security of our beneficiaries as can be witnessed by the good harvest of assorted agricultural produce being exhibited by selected districts, and for this I urge the beneficiaries of the packs not to miss use the inputs but use them for the intended purpose to better their livelihood,” he said.

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