Monday, June 17, 2024

Government Takes Steps to Increase Women and Girls’ Engagement in Decision-Making


Vice President Mutale Nalumango has announced that the government, through its gender division, is intensifying efforts to promote the engagement of women and girls in the decision-making process. Recognizing the low levels of participation among women and girls in decision-making at various levels, Vice President Nalumango affirmed the government’s commitment to changing this narrative.

Highlighting the multi-sectoral approach implemented by the gender division, Vice President Nalumango emphasized the importance of involving women and girls in decision-making processes at the household, community, and national levels. The aim is to achieve gender parity and ensure that women’s voices are heard and valued.

Furthermore, the gender division has taken steps to address negative cultural norms that discourage women and girls from participating in decision-making processes. This includes engaging with traditional leaders, community members, and religious leaders to reset cultural attitudes and practices that hinder women’s involvement.

During her report on the committee on national guidance and gender, Vice President Nalumango acknowledged the progress made in creating a more supportive political environment for women. However, she noted that the representation of women in parliament has dropped from 18 percent in 2016 to a concerning 15 percent. The government is determined to rectify this decline and ensure greater inclusion of women in decision-making roles.

Vice President Nalumango expressed her optimism that the current political environment, which is increasingly favorable for women’s participation, will result in more women being brought on board to contribute to the country’s development.


  1. Mutale Nalumango talks about all these issues affecting the girl child but we doubt she too is involved in decision making in this govt she is more like a spare tyre..we dont even hear a word from her when Hakiande is on his peace missions and trips abroad.

  2. She’s not different from Guy Scott, a Vice President that can’t act as President. Count how many women are in the UPND Cabinet. Practice what you preach

  3. What exactly are you doing. This government can not quantify anything. How many women have you appointed in any of the appointments? Or sorry you do not appoint anyone. HH does that and uses a known formula. Look at the illegal Director Kawana and Imenda, Pilato. Can you even say Chushi Kasanda is in leadership when her job is done by others.

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