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Minister disputes allegations of UPND involvement in Precious Hamululi’s release


The Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Jack Mwiimbu, has vehemently denied allegations that the UPND Administration recommended the release of Precious Hamululi, also known as Precious Magande, from Mukobeko Maximum Prison on August 9, 2021.

Ms. Hamululi, a self-confessed ex-convict, recently shared her story with a private tabloid and a social media podcast, detailing how she embezzled $1.2 million from a high-ranking official of the then ruling Patriotic Front party in 2019.

Minister Mwiimbu categorically stated that these allegations are baseless, as the UPND Administration was not in power during the mentioned period. He firmly rejected a recent report published in a private tabloid claiming that the UPND Administration had facilitated Ms. Hamululi’s release.

However, Minister Mwiimbu confirmed that Ms. Hamululi, who had been serving a three-year prison sentence since February 2020, met all the amnesty conditions that justified her release from prison on August 9, 2021.

In a statement released to ZNBC News in Lusaka today, Minister Mwiimbu clarified the matter, stating, “The allegations suggesting the involvement of the UPND Administration in the release of Ms. Hamululi are entirely false. It should be noted that her release was based solely on meeting the predetermined amnesty conditions, and it had nothing to do with any political influence.”

The Minister further urged the public to rely on accurate information and not be swayed by misleading reports. He emphasized the government’s commitment to transparency and accountability, stating that all releases from prisons are carried out in accordance with the law and established protocols.


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  1. If she was released before the elections, then Upnd had nothing to do with her release and I see no point in explaining about the conditions leading to her release. Normally Upnd would grab this opportunity to accuse the PF for corruptly releasing a convict. But here the minister has taken time to defend the release.

    • Deja Foool,Minister Mwiimbu has just told you that Precious met all the required conditions for amnesty on 9 august 2021.What opportunities should be grabbed? Why are you so daft

    • # Muzambian I don’t interact with people whose brain is in their anus. You have not even tried to understand what I am saying there you go with your cattle inspired diarrhea.

  2. Indeed the Minister’s explanation has punched holes in his statement. However, in opposition the UPND infiltrated almost all institutions to the extent of their leader claiming that he also received intelligence briefs every morning. In some places even police officers were partisan. Cases against UPND members ended at the reception inspite of the magnitude.

  3. She was released after elections and by the government of HH. Why would the reporters say that the release was August 9th 2021?

    • That’s why I am also asking why Jack would even bother to go to the trouble explaining how she was released. Simple answer would have been SHE WAS RELEASED BEFORE WE TOOK OFFICE. I’M SURE LIKE ANY OTHER PERSON RELEASED SHE MUST HAVE SATISFIED THE CONDITIONS.

    • She was pardoned on October 24th 2021… I am really failing to understand how reporters came up with that August 9th date.

  4. But why release such a criminal? Politicians! We must watch out. They could pardon themselves like we are hearing Trump wants to do in America

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