Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Youth beaten to death for stealing tomatoes


A man in his youth only identified as Chilekwe has been beaten to death in Mulashi Village in Chief Nkole Mfumu’s area in Kasama in a fight that ensued after he was found stealing tomatoes.

Northern Province Police Commanding Officer, Gloria Mulele has confirmed the incident.

Ms Mulele said police have since arrested Bernard Chileshe 24, for murder in connection with the beating to death of Chilekwe.

She said sticks and kicks were alleged to have been used in the fracas.

Ms Mulele said the brief facts of the matter are that Chileshe on Thursday around 21:00 hours went to provide security in his tomato field.

She said while in the field, he saw three youths getting in the field and started harvesting tomatoes and approached them.

Ms Mulele said when he approached them, they cooperated and agreed to go to the nearest house.

The commanding officer said it was while they were going that the deceased hit the accused with the radio and a fight ensued between Chileshe and the three young men who were stealing the tomatoes.

She said it was during the process of fighting that the deceased fell down and became unconscious while the other two managed to escape.

Ms Mulele said the accused reported the incident to some people who later accompanied him to check but found the deceased lifeless.

She said the matter was later reported to police who have since detained Chileshe in custody.


    • This is Henry this chap used to come on LT to support PF folly and corruption…today he has popped up talking about poverty levels…really laughable and ironic at the same time.

    • Beaten to death. In a country without the death penalty! A protest against the unilateral cancellation of the death penalty?

  1. With the rising cost of living and unemployed youths that voted for UPND, such things will be on the rise. The UPND cadre police equally do not think. The thieves went to steal Chileshe’s Tomatoes and when he apprehended them they attacked him. They were three of them so why arrest Chileshe for defending his produce and himself?

    • Alright a life has been lost but if these chaps have the time, strength and zeal to go out at night to harvest what they didn’t sow how can they fail to cultivate and sow for themselves. Sympathies aside, he deserved what he got. After they were three against one.

    • These frustrated chaps like kci we remember them supporting Lazy Lungu the selfsame former leaders have amassed great wealth whilst you are here still in denial and barking for them with dry lips.

  2. He may have found it difficult to go to bed without food. May be even his neighbour had not enough to spare so can eat something. That’s how the situation portrays. Secondly,legislation of laws we may think are good, but in the end are delivering the opposite.

  3. I forgot Broken Hill Man is here. Remember 1MPH (One Mile Per Hour)? Translated: I Monkey Passed Here. Maybe you are too young a primate to know what I mean, you Chimpazee.

  4. You will never hear such stories of blantant thief in someone’s field in rural Luapula and the owner wont even confront you because s/he knows you will pay dearly that you will come to plead with him.

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