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President Hichilema bestowed with an Honorary Doctorate


Valley view University in Ghana has bestowed an Honorary doctorate upon President Hakainde Hichilema in recognition of his leadership in the fight against corruption, robust economic reforms, being a role model across Africa and, spearheading a comprehensive economic agenda.

In accepting the honour, President Hichilema emphasized on education being the best equalizer in life, the importance of investing in education for children irrespective of their backgrounds and, the need to diversify the education system in Africa to enable citizens develop their own economies.

President Hichilema remains greatly humbled by the recognition and honour bestowed upon him and through him, the people of Zambia as their number one servant.

The President is highly appreciative and accepts the honour bestowed upon him but emphasizes his title remains Mr. President.

“We accept and cherish the honour but the official title remains MR PRESIDENT.”

President Hakainde Hichilema stated.

Thabo Kawana
Director Spokesperson
Ministry of Information and Media.


    • @Deja Vu come on be serious, can you compare Chagwa and Emmerson . to HH. These are VERY corrupt dictators who are part of the Gold Mafia. In June 2019 the news read as follows; President Edgar Lungu and Zimbabwean President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa have been conferred with honorary doctorate degrees in law by the UNZA for, among other things, their exceptional leadership and upholding the rule of law. What exceptional leadership and upholding the rule of law was UNZA referring too. Those honorary doctorate need to be withdrawn. Already Zim police have blocked the launch of the main opposition party’s election campaign.

  1. Iyakutolafye. Baleseka Edgar. Surely this president has no plan for this country. Bapoka degree abantu balechula

  2. People crying about how their rights were trampled on by the previous regime. Think about it, we LGBTs have been persecuted and our rights stepped even before zambia got independence. If you think you know what suffering is, try being LGBT in zambia and africa. ZICA has been trying to locate me but we have a powerful team of computer engineers who support us and are protect us. Power to LGBT.

    How will this honorary degree benefit our nation? Bring gay bill of rights. You know its right!

  3. Our brothers in Ghana must be reading a lot of misinformation by this tool Thabo Kawana surely what fight against corruption has Hakainde done? I hope our President did not fly all the way to Accra to just recieve this honorary doctorate.

  4. Mealie meal is now at K243.00 in some places it’s at K260.00 – K280.00
    The cost of living is high. We are tired of waiting for K 50.00 mealie meal as per promised by bashi Promise.

  5. Title ought to remain Mr. But also, why is Kawana everywhere? Isn’t this supposed to be the duty of the presidential press side (whose title has changed to reflect a certain Tonga man with a made up job title of State House Media director)?

    • Kawana is a party cadre hiding and receiving money illegally in our civil service when he should be at the UPND offices. You can see he doesnt even have basic knowledge for being a spokesman. He says “his title remains Mr. President.”
      Mr President is the title of the US president. In 1991 F. Chiluba did copycat it but successors did away with it and restored “His Excellency” as their title. There is no job title called Director Spokesperson in the Ministry of Information and Media. Just ask yourself why would there be? What for? When we have Chushi and State House press aides?

    • How many top officials in this govt or the former have been successfully prosecuted and convicted by our court for corruption? How can ou give a honorary doctorate to a leader who has got voted in yeaterday and the said economic reforms are just this govt kicking the can further up the road to 2031 and adding more debt on our children.

  6. I lived in Ghana for over a year and know of highly rated universities there such as the University of Ghana at Legon, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, and the University of Cape Coast. This is the first time I am hearing of Valley View University in Ghana. The only other educational institution I know bearing a similar name is Valley View Secondary School in Kitwe.

    • And Kambwili made sure ZNBC kept on announcing his ” achievement” over and over. Kwena ZNBC has been abused by the parties in power.

    • Again its too much hullabaloo about nothing and this government has specialised in this hullabaloo. Everyday they blow trumpets about little anthills that they climb pretending these are Kilimanjaros.
      Valley View University is owned by the Seventh Day adventists. So get the connection? Seventh Day President handed an honorary doctorate by Seventh Day owned varsity. And our taxmoney is used to fly to Accra-Zambian leadership!

  7. @Facts you are just ignorant.
    Here are some facts on Valley View University per the website 4icu which ranks world universities:
    1. Ranks 11 out of 69 Ghanian Universities. They are therefore in the top 15 of Ghanaian universities.
    2. Rank 3 out of 37 Universities in Accra. They are therefore in the top 3 of universities in Accra.
    3. World Rank of 7849 of 14,131. They are therefore just below the 50% range of universities in the World.
    4. Incidentally there are only 3 Zambian universities ranked above it in Africa or the World.
    My message is when you are trying to discredit know the facts.
    I frankly do not believe you ever live in Ghana or if you did it was in vacuum.
    Your name should be Fake not Facts.

    • Did I say anything about the ranking of Valley View University? All I said was that it is the first time I am hearing of such a university in Ghana. This is the problem of insecurity and inferiority complex that afflicts most praise singers. They get goose bumps at anything that remotely appears to be criticism of their anointed one – Bally the Great. Please, take a second look at what I wrote.

  8. Valley View University is a private university with campuses located at Oyibi (Accra), Kumasi and Techiman (Sunyani) respectively in the Greater Accra, Ashanti and Bono East regions of Ghana.
    It forms part of a worldwide system of over 100 tertiary institutions operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
    It is a part of the Seventh-day Adventist education system, the world’s second largest Christian school system.

  9. We Zambians are very sleepy indeed surely how can we let this govt get away with this – Thabo Kawana, Director Spokesperson, Ministry of Information and Media? That ministry is not a private company…it has a PS and a Govt Spokeswoman though she is an empty suit taxpayers are paying her to in that office.
    Someone needs to challenge Thabo Kawana position and appointmant in the Concourt.

  10. You can challenge but it won’t go anywhere. The President in Zambia is allowed to create job titles as he sees fit.
    He can create a ministry of insect protection, ministry of manual cars, ministry of copper or even ministry of billboards. The short of it it that our president has way too much power. Kawana as appointed by the President holds a valid office. I just don’t understand why HH choose that woman as minister of information. The acting guy is much more visible. C Mweetwa would have been better too. Also, where is she?

    • I get so frustrated and stressed with the level of incompetence. I can do a much better job than this folk.

    • Impostor is back…it lacks creativity so just plays around cloning other blogger’s profiles.

  11. I was moderated a long time ago but I posted this long time ago: Again its too much hullabaloo about nothing and this government has specialised in this hullabaloo. Everyday they blow trumpets about little anthills that they climb pretending these are Kilimanjaros.

    • Valley View University is owned by the Seventh Day adventists. So get the connection? Seventh Day President handed an honorary doctorate by Seventh Day owned varsity. And our taxmoney is used to fly to Accra to get this gown-Zambian leadership!

    • HALF MODERATED: ba LT could work very well with that Magistrate in Ndola who has imprisoned a citizen for wearing an “I didnt vote for HH” T-shirt

  12. Frankly speaking, I would have been impressed if the honorary doctorate was from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Oxford or Cambridge. Being awarded an honorary doctorate by a university sponsored by a church in which you are also an elder smacks of conflict of interest to me.


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