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Copper Queens batters Germany in their own backyard


Copper Queens, team has come out on top against a second-ranked opponent Germany.
Germany hosted the Copper Queens at the Portpark Ronhof Thomas Sommer Stadium.
Against all odds, the Copper Queens came into this match with a record of 1 loss and 1 draw from their previous two friendlies.
Second-ranked, Germany started a match strong, creating better chances but Copper Queens Goalkeeper Catherine Musonda made sure she kept a clean in the first 45 minutes.

The Copper queens of Zambia recorded one of their biggest results on Friday in a warm-up game, beating Germany 3-2.

The first half ended goalless despite the former World Champions dominating the game.

Barbara Banda put Zambia ahead early in the second half with a fantastic finish.

Rachael Kudananji silenced the home crowd with the second goal in the 54th minute of the encounter before Lean Schuller pull one back for Germany in the 90th minute.

An additional 10th minute was added to the game and Alexander Popp equalised for Germany in the 93rd minute.

Zambia captain Barbra Banda scored in the 12th minute of injury time to negate Alexandra Popp’s equalizer two minutes before and deal Germany a 3-2 defeat in their last game before the Women’s World Cup.

Popp, the Germany captain, thought she salvaged at least a draw on Friday when she scored in the 110th minute, the second of two injury time goals for the home team.

But Banda made the most of a poor throw-in from Klara Bühl when she raced clear and let fly with a chip over Germany goalkeeper Merle Frohms from about 20 meters for the winner.


  1. We as LGBT in zambia will only support the national team if they take a stand to support LGBT rights in zambia. Many of the zambia female squad are LGBT. I personally know over 8 who are lesbians on that team.

    • @wagner, just keep on digging your own dream grave. Just because your brain formation is messed up doesn’t mean the country must follow. Get a life and become normal.

    • Mamba you are happy to support the female national team for winning but you not happy to support their sexual preferences. Is that normal?

  2. @Wagner, even animals never do your thing, then why the hell would you want the normal Zedians to become abnormal. GET A LIFE.

    • Have you been an animal to know animals can’t be gay?

      Same-sex sexual behaviour is very much not limited to primates. Some of the most famous examples have been found in birds. One pair of male chinstrap penguins at Central Park Zoo, Roy and Silo, became celebrities when they attempted to incubate an egg together and later successfully reared an adopted chick. Same-sex parenting has also been observed in snow geese, where females pair up to raise the offspring of both, and in black swans, in which an estimated one-quarter of all pairings are male-male.

  3. @Wagner. Nonetheless, your lifestyle is abnormal. Animals are animals and their morality is way more rational soul than your messed up brain. It’s not about WHATABOUTISM, make use of your subconscious and get better. Zambia has no room for abnormality.

    • Don’t waste your time on imposters like wagner. Some of us know what it really means to be gay and treated as second class.

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