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Presidential Economic Advisor hands over wheelchairs


Special Assistant and Advisor to the President for Economic, Investment and Development Affairs, Jito Kayumba has handed over five customised wheelchairs valued at over K25, 000 to children living with disabilities at Disacare Wheelchairs Centre.

Speaking during the handover ceremony today in Lusaka, Mr Kayumba says the locally made wheelchairs will assist with the mobility of children living with cerebral palsy.

Mr Kayumba noted the need to include people living with disabilities in various economic activities so that they contribute to national development.

“Making provision for the children to move easily will help them to participate in various social activities which in turn contribute to economic development of the country,” he said.

And Disacare Wheelchair Centre Board Chairperson, Lucy Kasanga appealed to government to help change the face of the centre by turning it into an entrepreneurship training centre for people living with disabilities.

Ms Kasanga said the centre has capacity to provide training to other people especially those living with disabilities to make customized wheelchairs for people with disabilities.

“Our plan is to see locally made motorized wheelchairs and more locally produced wheelchairs made by our own people. More support from the government and various stakeholders is welcome,” she said.

Speaking at the same event Human Rights Commissioner, Christine Chama expressed gratitude for the donation as it will help children living with Cerebral Palsy to participate in daily activities.

Ms Chama also urged the general public to include people living with disabilities in all social activities as they are part of society.


  1. Jito gives off some LGBT vibes. I can tell. He is very immaculate and clean. Alot of men in zambia are living secret LGBT lives. I came out 2 years ago and have never regretted it.

    • When you see the UK based Impostor is no where to seen and such posts pop up everywhere just know its trolling and cooking something or cloning other blogger’s accounts.

    • Iwe Tarino. You are also in the UK. You are the only one who comments on fake Kaizar Zulu and now here you are.
      Just ignore these posts. You are feeding such posts by trying to argue or even highlight them. Just ignore please.

    • Chiza I have never disputed being in England. I don’t see how my comments affect you. Let me comment as I see fit. If you have a problem with me, we can sort it out away from this website if you are in England.

    • Tony, AKA Tarino. I am just advising you that you are the one fueling that impostor. Just ignore him, it will save you energy.
      Also, you don’t want a fight with me, I am a youth who is 20 years younger than you and I go to the gym almost daily.

    • Chiza Chirwa – Point taken…please dont engage with the Impostor who has cloned my alias it just wants to discredit me. This sad thing can post comments and respond to it own comments. As I have said to you in the past you need to be observant on here have on here long enough.

    • Why is my post hijacked by your problems. I am calling for LGBT rights. Don’t comment on my post with your personal problems.

  2. Donations from Presidential slush funds have started truly following the path of PF where such funds where corruptly used to procure and single source 2000 solar hammermills from China without any audit whatsoever.

  3. This is the kind of donation we welcome not salaula. However, who is donating these wheelchairs? This information needs to be made very public for audit purposes. People do launder money or solicit illicit favours via donations. If a government is clean they would avail all relevant information. If media is vigilant they shouldnt just turn up and take pictures, receive a press release and depart. They should be critical and ask pertinent questions. Journalism isnt about copying and pasting press releases!

  4. I have personally never liked this jito guy. Too full of himself. My uncle chilombo would have done a better job

  5. There’s progress here. The wheelchairs have been made in Zambia. Things like wheelchairs and hospital beds are basic things that no economy of the size of Zambia should be importing. It’s an insult to graduates of engineering schools at our universities. The question that would follow is, ” if they cannot even make hospital beds, what the heck can they make?”

    • When such things as wheelchairs start being made in Zambia, it means there are engineering graduates being given a chance to practise their engineering design. That’s great for the Zambia.

  6. The Nigerian government has redeemed a $500 million Eurobond on its due date of July 12, 2023.

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