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President Hichilema graces Ghana’s Valley View University graduation


President Hakainde Hichilema has urged graduating students at Valley View University in Ghana to regard hardships as an opportunity for greater opportunities.

President Hichilema briefly narrated how he was imprisoned 15 times before attaining public office.

 the President said the hardships he went through was an opening for him to restore the rule of law as he well understood the injustice that was prevailing while in prison.

The Head of State told the 1, 324 graduates that such an experience was God’s way of allowing him to attain the highest office and further encouraged the students to see suffering as an opportunity for better opportunities.

“I was in prison 15 times before attaining public office, little did I know that God was allowing me to enter the highest office that I have now used to restore the rule of because they had accused me of something I didn’t do,” he said.

President Hichilema said leadership is a huge burden but with a positive attitude anyone can manage stating that one’s background does not limit success.

He further commended the University for imparting positivity into the students because it is among the good ingredients that makes good leaders.

And Valley View University Chief of Staff, Frema Opare praised President Hichilema for his dedication to improving Zambia’s economy.

Ms Opare noted that since Mr Hichilema attained office, he has made significant milestones such as the free education policy and increase of the Constituency Development Fund among other issues.

“We have followed keenly, Mr President, how you have reinforced international relationships and enhanced private sector engagements, and we commend you for that,’ she said.


  1. “HH was imprisoned 15 times before”….its true Hakainde graduated from the University Of Hard Knocks after all the persecution that evil PF put him through.


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