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Zambia hosts religious, political indaba


Zambia is hosting the first ever 2023 conference on Transatlantic Roundtable on Religion and Race which has attracted delegates from across the globe to explore ways of addressing challenges faced in the political and religious landscape.

Speaking during the official opening of the conference, University of Zambia Acting Vice Chancellor Annie Sikwibele said the conference which is cohosted together with the Copperbelt University, will not only help address the challenges in the African continent but also the worldwide.

Ms Sikwibele stated that people worldwide have been faced with different challenges surrounding politics and religion adding that the roundtable will help resolve these challenges.

She noted that this year’s theme of “New generation building: religious and political perspective from Africa and the diaspora” has come at a right time when Zambia, the continent and the globe are promoting the new generation that will empower them to become economically stable.

“I have seen a number of important topics lined up for discussion which also boarders on the youths like the first plenary on youth resistance and leadership formation, second plenary which is youth social empowerment and trajectory of engagements among other triticale will help the continents be on the right truck after this conference,” noted Ms Sikwibele.

And speaking at the same event Transatlantic Roundtable on Religion and Race Chairperson William Ackah said the organization was formed in 2010 to help deal with the challenges that people are faced with in political and religious affairs.

Mr Ackah said a number of conferences have been held in different countries adding that this year, the team decided to hold it in Zambia with the two universities being the cohost.

“These people you are seeing here are coming from different institutions such as universities, church representatives and political representatives and see how these stakeholders can leverage on matters affecting people in our continent especially on issues to do religion and political affairs” said Mr Ackah.

The conference which is being held at the University of Zambia started on July 10, 2023 and will end on July 14, 2023.


  1. Until you unite with the world on matters of LGBT rights, you will not achieve a single positive thing in africa or zambia. The only positive thing you will achieve is a Hiv test and poverty. Why do you think the most successful countries have LGBTs rights.

    The religion you are obsessed with was started by countries that now respect and have lgbt rights. So why can’t you respect us

    • WAGNER…Stop spamming. And go take your meds. The LGBTQ sickness will never be allowed in Zambia. Heck, even most Americans are against it. If you were in Uganda you would’ve already been caged behind bars for a 150 years. Sodomy is not tolerated in Zambia.

  2. You should have an Indaba on how to eradicate hunger and poverty. Religion or politics have no need for discussion.

  3. The headline and the agenda items seems to be disjointed.
    I don’t know why people fail to understand that religion encompasses a wide spectrum of people’s beliefs/values including politics.

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