Thursday, July 25, 2024

Education Minister warns school authorities abusing grants


Minister of Education Douglas Syakalima has warned of stern action against school administrators that are allegedly abusing grants that government is giving to schools.

 Mr Syakalima said government is committed to improving the education sector and will not tolerate and spare school administrators who are misusing funds meant for school operations.

The Minister was speaking when he officiated at the education for all policy stakeholders meeting at Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka.

“I have learnt with sadness that grants which government is giving to schools are being abused by some school administrators, let me warn you that soon you will be shown the exit door,” he warned.

Mr Syakalima has since directed his Permanent Secretaries to investigate the alleged abuse of resources especially grants by the people entrusted with the responsibility.

He explained that the trend of abusing public funds can tarnish the image of government to the outside world and partners if left unchecked.

The education Minister reiterated government’s commitment to invest in the education sector in the quest to ensure children from diverse backgrounds access quality education.

He commended the United Kingdom through the British High Commission in Zambia for the long standing partnership with Zambia in improving the education sector.

And team leader governance and political human development at British High Commission in Zambia, Ben Powis said the United Kingdom will continue to partner with the Zambian government to improve access to quality education.

Dr Powis said the UK will continue to collaborate with the Zambian government in its endeavour to ensure that every child accesses quality education.

Meanwhile, Chairperson Parliamentary Committee on education and science, Twambo Mutinta said education is a key to unlocking the economy of the country.

Mr Mutinta observed that the country can only develop with a qualified cadre of people, adding that there is need for concerted efforts from every stakeholder.

The education for all stakeholders meeting aims at aligning Zambia’s education to an all policy and social justice model.


  1. You should be working on introducing curriculum which is in line with modern day. Include LGBT subjects in curriculum. Let the kids choose to self identify. I saw many young kids growing up who were considered boys but were in a woman’s body. Let the kids decide

  2. Warnings and threats…this is now the order of the day under UPND….@ My big brother TIKKI and my big brother Spaka can you hold a press conference and explain to the Zambian people that they’ve been duped by UPND and the Supreme leader Dr Hakainde Hichilema


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