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Man 32, in court for defiling an imbecile


A 32 year old man of Luwingu district caused laughter in the Luwingu Magistrate Court after he denied defiling an imbecile saying she was his loving girlfriend.

This is in a matter in which Bernard Chanda 32 of Coop Village in Luwingu is charged for defiling an imbecile contrary to section 139 of the Penal Code chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.

This is after Chanda appeared before Luwingu Magistrate, Maybin Kapaya.

Facts before the court are that on 23rd June, 2023 Chanda  was caught having sexual intercourse with an imbecile in un finished building in coop village in Chief Chipalo’s area.

When the matter came up for plea, Chanda denied the charge saying the alleged imbecile was his girlfriend and that he loves her so much.

Chanda denied the charge after it was read to him saying the complainant was his girlfriend and he has had carnal knowledge with her three times.

He further explained that he did not know that the girl he had sexual intercourse with was an imbecile.

And a medical doctor, Dr. Chiko Lushiku who testified in the same defilement case said it was very difficult to get the samples from the girl because she was doing her menstruation at the time.

Dr. Lushiku, however, said the girl was diagnosed and found with syphilis.

It is at this point when he requested the Police to bring the suspect to the hospital so that he can be tested and after the medical examination, the accused was also found with the same disease.

Dr. Lushiku said it was difficult for him to ascertain whether she was defiled because the victim was doing her menstruation which took place after the sexual intercourse.

After the prosecution brought different witnesses, the matter was adjourned to 26th July 2023 for sentencing.


  1. You will never find cases like this involving gays. All rapists and abusers you read about involve heterosexual and not gays. I understand why the late president kaunda at some point considered introducing LGBT rights. Gays are more well behaved than heterosexuals

  2. Can we change some of these laws? We cannot be using imbecile in this day and age. Perhaps saying mentally challenged is better here.
    Additionally,this case may raise questions on whether mentally challenged people ought to have sex or not.
    From the facts given above, it seems the man may walk have walked to freedom if he kept silent, he has made things worse for himself by admitting the offence when the prosecution witness appear to have failed to build a case beyond reasonable doubt.

  3. He needed services of a lawyer. He has incriminated himself. In the US where LGBTQ rights are recognized, the Catholic Church is still paying heavily in fines for the crimes of celibate priests. The victims weren’t girls. Crime cuts across. I’m just wondering why some of our fair comments get moderated yet those that promote queer characters don’t. We’re in the New Dawn

    • I don’t normally comment on personalities or individuals. However, I have been forced to do so in this instance. It seems to me that this KZ(whether real or imposter) is always blamed for every negative thing on this blog. Nomba is KZ so powerful to be become a 100 different aliases? We hear KZ is on the run but somehow he is now wagner? I am not politically biased and I don’t agree with KZs views but I can’t help thinking that there is a lot of upnd propaganda against him. Tarino spaka and others come across as bullies who only see wrong in others. Is kz such a threat to you?

      Disclaimer: I don’t endorse any views given by those listed in my comment.i am independent

    • Observer. This person isn’t powerful. They have a lot of time on their hands and are posting on every single thing written here. Previously they were always critising HH but that got boring for them when majority of people begun disagreeing with HH. They now know no one will like this LGBT support and so they are now thriving from annoying people.
      That’s why they got off from, annoying people.
      The best that anyone can do is simply ignore their postings. Like you, I hope this is the last last time I discuss an individual.

    • Chiza I can agree with your point about ignoring people we don’t want to associate with. But you comment on their posts asking people to ignore them. It means you are being hypocritical as you are commenting on their posts.

      Independently I believe we should let people decide on their own who they want to engage with or ignore. We are all merely bloggers here and no one is better than the other one or has power to call for ignoring another blogger. If Lusaka times believe the blogger has not contravened any rules, then why should we treat them otherwise?

    • I am surprised you two are discussing me instead of discussing our cause as LGBT. I beg you not to concentrate on me. I am only the messenger for our cause. I ask instead that you discuss the key issue of lgbt human rights abuses and how we can change this country so that it aligns with modern civilised world.

  4. Difficult to understand unless one can enter into your brain. They say the head of another person is another world.

  5. Observer, twice I have written to people to ignore. It’s not like I am out there fuelling the fire. My two comments have come when a bunch of people have been upset with him. I simply said to ignore.
    My telling people to ignore has nothing to do with me attacking anyone but rather to educate people catching feelings.
    Once more, this person isn’t powerful, they are visible because they comment on every single little thing and some people take it seriously and become angry for no reason.
    I wish you and everyone reading an amazing weekend.

    • Who is you to tell people to ignore me. You are ignorant. I don’t tell people to ignore ignorant heterosexual like you, so why are you so bothered about me? Leave me alone. I havecome here to spread the word of gay God and gay Jesus. Habiba gay Lord.

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