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Catholic Diocese of Ndola Bishop Calls for Appreciation and Support for the Elderly in Society”


Catholic Diocese of Ndola Bishop Dr. Benjamin Phiri has called for the appreciation, respect, and value of the elderly and aged individuals in society.

Bishop Phiri expressed concern that the elderly are sometimes abandoned, despised, and subjected to derogatory names in society.

As a Canon lawyer, he recognized the importance of the elderly’s wisdom, considering their vast life experiences in various domains.

Bishop Phiri urged the faithful to offer material assistance and prayers for the elderly and aged, not only during this week but also in the future.

During a Sunday message titled “His Mercy is from Age to Age,” the Bishop launched the celebration of the week dedicated to the elderly and aged in the Ndola Diocese.

“It is unfortunate that the elderly and aged in our society are often despised, abandoned, and referred to in derogatory terms, suggesting their irrelevance to us. When we reflect on ourselves and analyze the current state of society, we realize that we truly need the wisdom of the elderly among us,” Bishop Phiri wrote.

He emphasized that despite appearing tired, fragile, and less productive, society greatly benefits from the experiences the elderly have accumulated throughout their lives. These experiences make them not only good mentors but also valuable companions in all aspects of society.

The Catholic Church in the Copperbelt Province (Ndola Diocese) is observing the week dedicated to the elderly and aged from July 16th to July 23rd, 2023.

During this time, the Church is engaging in reflection and prayer for the elderly who may be abandoned, lonely, mistreated, incarcerated, terminally ill, or residing in homes and hospices.


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