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ZNPHI sensitises on mental health


A mental health specialist has urged members of the public to take keen interest in knowing what mental health is in order for them to seek health services early.

Zambia National Public Health Institute (ZNPHI) mental health specialist, Naeem Dalal says majority of Zambians think that people who suffer from mental illness, are those who are at Chainama hospital.

Speaking in an in Lusaka, Dr. Dalal notes that to this effect, the ZNPHI in collaboration with the Ministry of health is integrating mental health services at primary level.

Dr. Dalal says that this is in a bid to accord the members of the community access to mental health services wherever they are.

He said ZNPHI has started sensitising members of the public on mental health issues.

The mental specialist noted that mental illness can happen to anyone, adding that the condition manifests itself by one being unable to concentrate and also having the inability to care for oneself among other factors.

He mentioned that the ripple effects and challenges, such as financial stress, job loss, among many others are some of the effects of mental illness.

Dr. Dala has further observed that alcohol and drug substance abuse, especially among the youths, is another source of mental illness.

He added that the ZNPHI has witnessed self-harm, stress and a lot of anxiety experienced by members of the community.

Dr. Dalal has since encouraged people not to shun engaging mental experts whenever they are faced with mental health challenges to avoid further complica


  1. Lusaka times publishes articles that refer to mentally challenged people as imbeciles. Very rude and unacceptable standards

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