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Attempting to compare Oranges with Lemons; case of Bally & Adada!


A Lusaka resident has appealed to the Notorious Patriotic Front (NPF), a political party best known for looting the treasury and unleashing the worst atrocities against citizens when they were in power, to consider forcing Adada out of retirement as he’s apparently the only one capable of ousting Bally from power! Whatever our brother is smoking or drinking must be very strong.

What capacity iwe Musoma…..sha! We thought Bally should be more wary of Kalaba or M’membe than a spent force supposedly squatting in Ibex Hill! In our view, of course Adada remains a force to reckon with in terms of putting up a spectacular and extravagant campaign machinery, thanks to looting the treasury and corrupt practices; otherwise he doesn’t pose a single threat to Bally, real or imagined, whose leadership attributes are exceptionally great!

We therefore find Musoma’s suggestion not only ludicrous, but laughable and embarrassing to Adada himself as well! How can you honestly attempt to compare a sleek BMW with truck yamilando (imboloma)…..a run down vehicle or indeed Oranges with Lemons?

Whereas Bally is supremely articulate and eloquent and is able to keep his audiences captivated; the other one speaks incoherently, he literally waffles and sends his audiences to sleep!

Whereas Bally is known to belong to a church where he’s also an elder; the other one has a reputation of frequenting night clubs and casinos!

Whereas Bally has a track record of sponsoring orphans and vulnerable children in colleges and universities; the other one has a history of splurging his money on Jameson and women!

Whereas Bally has tamed his cadres, the other one allowed them to unleash a reign of terror and havoc amongst helpless opponents!

Whereas Bally is encouraging citizens to form cooperatives so as to compete for business opportunities; the other one had no qualms seeing his officials grab all the government contracts!

Whereas Bally is utilising talent from every corner of the nation; the other one sidelined those from certain regions!

Whereas Bally has allowed him to enjoy his freedom of association and movement to the extent of even disrupting traffic with his early morning jogs; the other one was threatening to lock him up immediately after winning the elections and throw away the keys!

Whereas Bally is able to face the media and subject himself to intense interrogations; the other one shied away from putting himself within the firing range the 7 years he was in power!

Whereas Bally is comfortable in the company of visionary leaders such as Kagame; the other one relished rubbing shoulders with dictators such as Museveni!

Whereas Bally has availed his vision for the nation time and again; the other one confessed he had no vision of his own!

How dare you insult our intelligence, Musoma! Your Edgar doesn’t belong to the same league as Hakainde who’s currently plying his trade in the Champions’ league.

Prince Bill M Kaping’a
Political/Social Analyst


  1. Oranges and lemons indeed. Basic algebra, oranges + lemons has no answer. The author is sick in the head.

  2. Great article.
    Zambia has the best president in world.
    There is now no doubt about that.
    He transcends Africa.

  3. Benangu benze kuingo kolewa, kusobela na M@hule, na kuba maningi, whilst unleashing violent uncouth Cadres on citizens.

  4. Ben@ngu b3nze kuingo k0lewa, kusobela na M@uule, na kub@ man1ngi, whilst unleashing vi0lent unc0uth C@d2es on citizens. Sha!!

  5. ……….

    Those who think lungu can match HH are indeed sick, mentally………..

    Lungu will go down as the worst president in front of FJT………….

    A lungu come back ??? Never….

  6. UPND cadres are delusional. Point at one major peace of Infrastructure that HH has build. I will try and help you with Lungu. Kazungula bridge, Batoka Gorge hydro power, fly over bridges in Lusaka, KKIA new Airport, Ndola and Livingstone new airports, Mulungushi new conference center. Can you compare this with someone who has driven the cost of living for an ordinary Zambia through the roof and all he can boast of is travelling and building toilets using CDF.

    • Did lungu use his own money for those infrastructure buildings ???

      Or did he plung the country into unsustainable debt by way or irresponsible and questionablr borrowing to build those ???

    • “…..will try and help you with Lungu. Kazungula bridge, Batoka Gorge hydro power, fly over bridges in Lusaka, KKIA new Airport, Ndola and Livingstone new airports, Mulungushi new conference center…..”

      Even a grade 10 student or my garden boy can build that with borrowed money…..especially when the criteria says you can fail and default to pay back that borrowed money like lungu did…….

  7. I am starting my own news website called “new dawn times”. Lusaka times has been reduced to a site of clones and perverted imbeciles. To all those interested in us having a new regulated site, all I ask for is a little contribution of 50 pounds per person to fund expenses. At this stage I need to know those who would be interested in this initiative so that I can assess how much capital we can raise. If you are interested in helping can you please upvote this post. I will share my contact details soon once i know how popular this idea is.

    • @ Tarino Orange….

      Kikiki.kiki….. Just contact uk/usa based @ INDEPENDENT OBSERVER………

      He will give you the money. He is now the biggest share owner in one of the top Zambian Bank……… F*ck Him. He thinks he can lecture us how to make money……….

  8. This author is a real moron….and he puts a picture of HH shaking hands with Muzungu….typical house Negroee….inferiority complex. …seeing Bandit posing with Bazungu is a great achievement according to whoever wrote this article…..anyway these are Job seekers….under UPND all you need to do is become a praise singer and they will employ you

  9. Why do people like to compare individuals…we are all different and have different capabilities….

  10. By the way Mr Princess a lemon has got it’s values and more beneficial.
    As for freedom of association, of course it’s because you are Upnd and don’t have to fight for permission to hold your meetings…. but the opposite is for those who are not Upnd. F. O. O. L

  11. The article lacks real substance. It is evidently clear why most so called democracies have two major political parties. The UPND ineptness has clearly demonstrated this. This new dawn political party has been campaigning for PF since they were sworn in. The major reason is that the UPND has failed even to demonstrate that they can do better than PF. Corruption has become worse in this so called “new dawn”. Chaos is the order of the day, they are not doing better than what they condemned.The UND is the most violent political part but it claimed victim during the previous regime.


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