Sunday, June 23, 2024

Copper Queens in U$5000 per win at World Cup


Sports Minister Elvis Nkandu has confirmed that the Copper Queens will receive a $5000 bonus for every win they record at the FIFA Women’s World Cup.
This makes Zambia the first African country to pay both men’s and women’s national teams the same amount of allowance for any official match.
Mr Nkandu made the announcement in response to a question from Copper Queens captain Barbra Banda, who wanted to know how much the team would be paid for each win.
He said that the President had directed that the women’s team be paid the same as the men’s team, and that he was committed to upholding that directive.
Mr  Nkandu is currently in New Zealand to watch the Copper Queens’ opening match against Japan. He said that he would be returning to Zambia after the match.
The Minister also assured the team of government support in any area that would need attention during the tournament.
He said that the government would take care of any administrative issues, so that the players could focus on playing the game.
The Copper Queens are making their World Cup debut, and they will be looking to make history by becoming the first African team to reach the knockout stages.
With the government’s support, they have a good chance of achieving their goal.
The Copper Queens will Tomorrow at 09 hour face Japan the previous winners of  world cup and Local Government Minister and Rural Development Minister Garry Nkombo has allowed social clubs to open early to allow the fans to cheer the girls.


  1. This is the pf behaviour we campaigned against. I don’t get paid extra at work for doing what I am contracted to do unless I work over my contracted hours. We need to end this culture.

  2. Iwe Tarino, if you meet your targets and the company has profits, you should get a bonus on top of your salary.

    • Point in question, did they even win today? Do you see now that promising people more money for what they are contracted to do rarely motivates them. A good approach is to engage the army to discipline them if they lose. Some of us Africans only perform where there is forceful beatings

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