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Vice President Nalumango cautions millers


Government has called on millers countrywide to exercise patriotism and avoid exploiting Zambians through inflated costs of mealie meal.

Vice President Mutale Nalumango says the government is keen to work with the private sector, however, private millers should be reasonable in setting mealie meal prices.

The Vice President said this in parliament today, in response to Kantanshi Member of Parliament, Anthony Mumba, who wanted to know what the government was doing to arrest the escalating cost of mealie meal.

The Vice President attributed the rising prices of mealie meal to the new floor price of maize which the government set at K280 to support small scale farmers.

Mrs. Nalumango said in an effort to make a profit, millers were adding an extra cost to the mealie meal which is being passed on to consumers.

However, the Vice President said it was unjustified for millers to take the cost of mealie to as high as K300 per bag.

The Vice President has since called on traders engaged in the production of mealie meal to be mindful and remember that the ultimate customers are the ordinary Zambians who should not be exploited.

Currently, mealie meal retail prices are averaging around K150 and K300 per 25 kilogram bag, countrywide.


  1. The input goes up and you expect the output to remain the same? Millers are in the business to make money not to provide a service.

  2. How much does Nalumango want the millers to sale breakfast if a 50kg bag of raw maize is bought at 280+?
    I thought they had done a proper math on this. Or have they once again misplaced their formula?

  3. Lady If you stopped maize going to DRC
    we wouldnt be discussing this FRA stands little chance of buying at 580 when dealers
    are offering 600 some a little more, dont blame the millers they buy maize in from dealers and farmers

  4. This woman was a secondary school teacher in old Northern Province and is expected to understand the rule of the thumb. Mealie meal used to be cheap because government subsidised it simple English GRZ used to pay for that difference which is making the commodity more expensive. The subsidies have been removed so by ordinary arithmetic the Miller has to sell the stuff at full price.
    When you were promising the voters cheaper mealie meal, what did you have in mind?

  5. Chipante pante Government…what more can I say…HH is a joker of a President…these guys thought managing the affairs of a country is kids play

  6. I am very confused here. First, they increased the cost of fertilizer and also put the floor price of maize higher.
    How does she then blame private millers?
    Secondly, and most importantly,been are still exporting maize to Tanzania and DRC using ZNS. And for all intents and purposes, the maize being sold there is white and non GMO.
    The government needs to try to do better than lie to us that they are importing to export. What ludicrous idea that is.
    Not to mention the leaked recording of the President discussing mealie supply with a permanent secretary and minister. I wouldn’t be very surprised if the export is related to companies in which some people we know have financial interests.

    • I loved football and wanted to play and do better than those playing. One day I got a chance and I found out how heavy the ball was.

  7. These Politicians don’t even care..they’re getting hefty salaries…abnormal allowances…getting massive kickbacks from selling our mines… fuel….free everything

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