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Mwape Admits Tactical Shortcomings in Loss to Japan


Shepolopolo Zambia coach Bruce Mwape says his side lacked tactical discipline in the disappointing 5-0 loss to Japan at the FIFA Women’s World Cup in New Zealand.

Debutants Zambia on Saturday morning started the FIFA Women’s World Cup with a 5-0 loss to Japan in their Group C match.

Zambia finished the game with ten players after goalkeeper Catherine Musonda was shown a red card for getting a second yellow card.

Mwape’s girls allowed goals in the 43rd, 61st, 55th, 71st and 90th minutes.

“As technical bench we are very disappointed with today’s result. We expected to do better than we have done,” Mwape said.

“We made a lot of mistakes because of panicking. Even tactical discipline wasn’t there,” he said.

Mwape said Zambia will fight hard in their next Group C match against leaders Spain on 26 July.

Zambia will later confront Costa Rica in their final Group C match on 31st July.


  1. Why are you complaining. I am impressed with the loss. It is well deserved. I only hope the next game Zambia loses by 7 goals to Zero.

  2. Lusaka council workers have not been paid for three months. Street vendors lost their lively hood. Mealie meal is between 250 and 300 and you want to pay players $5000 each per win, kutumpa uko

    • Just by this loss , the country has saved over 100,000 dollars that was to be wasted in paying winning bonus. Lets use our hard earned dollars prudentlty. Not pali fibola ifyabupuba

    • Kikikikikiki @Pomha Kanshi kufimwena pali dollar! OK I now see that Zambians have become so economical they dont mind losing a game for the sake of the treasury.

  3. Main tactical was not to let the SADDEST coach at tournament Bruce Mwape himself stand on the touch line. The man’s ego is bruised by Augustine Mukonka.
    Next matches let the best Florence Mwila and Ntala cheer the girls. Florence has already won cosafa with those girls, is the best.
    If Florence is scared of Zambian dirty media, then let Jamie Lawrence be on touch line, he is the most respectable member of all those 15-coaching staff.
    This is what TACTICS are ….

  4. They lacked way more than that. It was embarrassing to watch with abysmal passing and the girls could not even muster a single shot. The coach can´t read or change the game.

    • They were playing ex-champions! And with discipline; you Zambians cant match Japs. You have abandoned all your cultural values for European ones. The Japs havent.

  5. What has come out of the engagement with players by Elvis Nkandu is that the boots weren’t suitable for the artificial turf. But what’s the job of that heavy technical team? Is it just to receive allowances? Teams are allowed to have a feel of the ground before any game, that’s meant to take care of such occurrences. So who allowed them team to use wrong boots?

  6. The reporting is fake. They were goalless at halftime but you have different times for scores. You have a reporter there?

  7. They were playing ex-champions! And with discipline; you Zambians cant match Japs. You have abandoned all your cultural values for European ones. The Japs havent.

  8. It’s better to stop supporting these ladies, it looks like they were not even interested to play for Mother Zambia all they wanted first was money without even working. Please Zambian learn to work first, the rewards follow latter it’s the same thing even back home here people report late for work. Some who try to report early first thing is tea and then chatting follows with girls’ friends or boyfriends so in short first two hours no product work.

  9. What do you mean panicking? Those ladies didnt even panic! Japan were literally walking through a defense conjected with Zambian midfielders an strikers. Those ladies are just tired and should be retired in national interest. No wonder all they can think about is allowances because this is their last chance. But the more they lose, the more the government saves and these moneys can go to beef up the Constituency development Fund

  10. We have women out there who are role models for our young Zambian girls. You give them bad shoes and expect wonders? This thing has happened before – Gabon. They gave the great Chipolopolo team a defective plane. Even newborns in Zambia know what happened in Gabon.

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