Thursday, June 13, 2024

Road Development Agency Nears Contractor Selection for Lusaka-Mongu Road Repair


The Road Development Agency (RDA) has announced that the procurement process to identify a contractor for the rehabilitation of the damaged portion of the Lusaka-Mongu road has reached an advanced stage. Anthony Mulowa, Acting Director of Communication and Corporate Affairs at RDA, disclosed this development to ZNBC news during an inspection of the recently rehabilitated Kafue River Hook Bridge on the same road.

Mr. Mulowa assured motorists that the RDA will continue carrying out intervention works on the deplorable section of the road while they await the full rehabilitation by the selected contractor. This interim measure aims to ensure that motorists have safer and smoother passage on the troubled stretch of the road.

The Western Province Regional Manager of the Road Development Agency, Paul Habasimbi, shared information about the recently rehabilitated Kafue River Hook Bridge, which is expected to serve the region for over 50 years. Mr. Habasimbi expressed confidence that with regular maintenance, the bridge’s life span could extend even further, making it a durable and reliable structure for many years to come.

“The quality of the rehabilitation works on the Kafue River Hook Bridge ensures its resilience and longevity,” Mr. Habasimbi stated. “With routine maintenance, we expect the bridge to last for at least 50 years before full-scale rehabilitation would be required again.”

Mr. Habasimbi revealed that the components from the temporary structure of the Kafue River Hook Bridge, which has been decommissioned, will be repurposed to construct crossing points in Kaoma and Mongu. This sustainable approach aims to maximize resources and benefit other areas in need of improved infrastructure.

The rehabilitation of the Kafue River Hook Bridge, completed at a total cost of K167 Million, was commissioned on May 24, 2023, exactly 50 years from the date it was first officially opened by Zambia’s First Republican President, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda. This bridge holds significant historical and infrastructural importance and is expected to facilitate smoother travel and trade in the region.


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    • Look at most of the developed countries in the world, they have one thing in common, they have legalised gay rights and marriages.

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