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Mansa District receives livestock empowerment package


Government has handed over a small livestock empowerment package of 400 improved village chickens and 80 bags of feed, to two Community Welfare Assistance Committees to cater for 80 identified beneficiaries in Mansa District, under the department of Community Developments’ Food Security Pack Programme.

During the handover, Mansa District Commissioner Ireen Chivweta advised the beneficiaries of the 400 improved village chickens and feedstock hamper, to be committed in realizing the objectives of the programme that is meant to benefit more underprivileged beneficiaries, once successful.

Ms. Chivweta explained that the small livestock initiative’s alternative to livelihoods component is a programme under the Food Security Pack (FSP) programme being implemented by the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services in Mansa.

Ms. Chivweta added that the programmes are aimed at empowering viable farming households to be self-sustained, through improved productivity and household food security with a view to reduce poverty in communities.

She explained that the small livestock empowerment component also caters for goats depending on identified beneficiary assessments and subsequent allocation.

She said that aside consumption and income generation, the small livestock program is a pass- on initiative where beneficiaries increase production of their acquired livestock and give out a small share to other would-be beneficiaries as upstarts of a similar cycle of livestock empowerment.

Ms. Chivweta has since urged beneficiaries not to rush in the consumption or selling of the chickens but to focus on multiplying their livestock so that they can give other vulnerable households, a chance to start from their proceeds and later have a share for consumption or sell without depleting or dwindling their livestock numbers.

And Senior Community Development Officer, Susan Kamanga who represented Provincial Community Development Officer, Noah Mwisa said the small livestock handover component initiative to Mutende CWAC and Fibale CWAC respectively, is among the three FSP components the department is implementing.

Ms. Kamanga clarified that the other include rainfed cropping where farming inputs are provided in form of fertilizers, cereal and legumes to the targeted households as well as wetland cropping where farming inputs are provided in form of fertilisers, cereal seed and gardening seed.

She has since cautioned against misuse of the facility by those targeted to be recipient beneficiaries because they have a responsibility to make implementation of the programme goals a reality and be a model to others who they in turn would assist in upstarting the livestock cycle.


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