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Saudi Arabia gives 2 million to COMESA for construction of headquarters


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has handed over a two million United States dollar cheque to the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA).

Speaking during the handover of the cheque to COMESA, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ambassador to Zambia Ali SAAD Alkahtani said the funds are meant to go towards the construction of the COMESA headquarters in Lusaka, Zambia.

Mr. Alkahtani said the two million United States dollars is part of the support from the Kingdom towards the construction of a permanent headquarters of COMESA.

“I have the pleasure of handing over a cheque for the support provided by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to COMESA, through an initial amount of two million United States dollars for the construction of the permanent headquarters of COMESA in Lusaka,” He said.

He said the donation is evidence of the strong bilateral relations that exist between the Kingdom and COMESA.

Mr. Alkahtani said the relationship is based on mutual respect and joint action in all fields.

He stressed that the donation is an affirmation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s support of the efforts being made by COMESA to enhance regional integration.

And speaking shortly after receiving the cheque, COMESA Secretary General Chileshe Kapwepwe thanked the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the financing support rendered to the organization towards the construction of the new COMESA headquarters valued at 35 million United States dollars.

“I am honoured to receive the cheque of two million United States dollars from the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as support towards the financing of the construction of the new COMESA headquarters which is valued at around USD 35 million,” She said.

Ms. Kapwepwe said the donation has come at an opportune time when the organization is about to embark on a full-fledged resource mobilization aimed at raising funding for the construction of the COMESA headquarters building.

She disclosed that the current COMESA building is small, hence the move to build a bigger headquarters that will accommodate all the projects being undertaken by COMESA.

Ms. Kapwepwe said there is an urgent need to construct a new headquarters, in order to enable COMESA to house its activities under one roof.

She said the construction of a new building will enable COMESA to put up an ultra-modern and environment friendly headquarters befitting the COMESA of today.


  1. And then people wonder why Africans will always be controlled. You cannot even manage to put roofs over your heads. Everything requires begging and assistance. We are a cursed race

  2. I think Saudi Arabia means well. Other countries should follow the example. I hope COMESA activities merit this level of support.

  3. Feeding and aiding corruption…and we all know where this money will end up…..why do these countries keep on giving donations when they know it will be misused…nothing for free…they give you 2 million and they walk away with natural resources worth 2 trillion….be careful with a naked man promising you a shirt

  4. Some comments are laughable. This is a gift to Comesa not the GRZ. Fact that Comesa is headquartered in Zambia does not mean the GRZ is receiving the gift. In any case what minerals or natural resources is Comesa endowed with in Zambia?By the way, the current African Union building in Addis Ababa was a gift to Africa from China.

    • Yeah, I agree with Tarino Orange, not will they only take way Zambian natural resources but all southern COMESA regional. this ppl are business minded they don’t just give away money for free although they have a lot to give!! I hope the ppl receiving the money are reading and understanding the small print written on the agreement paper!!

  5. OK, question, any hidden ties, so the grassroots can be aware of? Let’s watch & see.

    Too much global interest for neo-colonism towards motherland…

  6. They want to buy mbappe a black man for 250 million pounds. They will soon start owning blacks like the times of slavery

    • They were not paid but their seller was. Mbappes current team have an influence and right to decide whether he is sold or not. Neo colonialism is what it is. A new sophisticated way of modern day slavery

    • Also they were paid. Not with money but with insignificant benefits that should have been basic human rights.

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