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Copper Queens knocked out of 2023 Women’s World Cup


Copper Queen’s dreams of reaching the round 16 of the 2023 Women’s World Cup are over after they were thrashed 5-0 by Spain in their second Group C clash in Auckland, New Zealand.

Spain and Japan became the first two countries to pass through to the knockout stages of the World Cup after impressive 5: 0 victories over Zambia.

Coach Bruce Mwape had named a  largely unchanged side that lost to Japan 5;0 in the opening game , except that goalie Eunice Sakala made her full debut, replacing Catherine Musonda who was serving suspension after she was shown a red card in the match against Japan.

Spain’s Jennifer Hermoso was a player to look out for in the match and her reputation preceded her as her exceptional performance sent Zambia to the ruins.

An early goal from Teresa Abelleira in the 9th minute put Spain in the lead before an unmarked Jennifer Hermoso added another goal through a header from an Alexia Putellas cross to find the back of the net in the 13th minute.

 Zambia did create some half-chances that troubled the Spanish side, through forward Barbra Banda but could not materialize into goals.

The Spaniards scored three second half goals to kill off the game and confirm Zambia’s elimination from the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Zambia missed the presence of first choice goalkeeper Hazel Nali and Midfielder Grace Chanda after they were ruled out of the World Cup.

And President Hakainde Hichilema took to his Facebook page to console and encourage the copper queens.

The head of state said the team has faced defeat, but recognized that every loss comes with pain and opportunities for growth for the team.

He urged football administrators to provide the team with more exposure through competitive friendlies in order to strengthen the women’s league.

The Copper Queens and Costa Rica are the first teams to be knocked out of the competition after their failure to pick a point from their first two games.

Japan and Spain sit at the top with six points each and are guaranteed a place in the next round of the competition.

The two former champions will play on Monday to decide who gets the top spot of the group while World Cup debutants Zambia, will play Costa Rica on the same day in their formality game.


  1. Hard luck ladies. Too many contraversies surrounding the team preparations. Better luck next under a new Faz administration.

  2. Iwe Henry they saved us 100,000 dollars with that loss. Actually this far 200,000 dollars Kikikikikikiki!
    Thats what blogger Pomha calculated after the previous loss.
    Viva Bruce Mwape! Viva Kamanga!

  3. Lessons should be learned from this embarrassing premature exit. Heads must roll for this, but in typical zambian fashion things will remain the same. In England the coach would have resigned by now.

    • Heads cannot roll. GRZ does not have any power over FAZ. Only FIFA can control FAZ. This is why GRZ cannot ask FAZ to account for the $30, 000 each player on every qualifying team was given by FIFA. Apparently, Grace Chanda and Hazel Nali were the most vocal over this money, and both “became sick” and were removed from the active roster. Grace Chanda even “wrote” letter, in English, lamenting her inability to play on the team. I have never heard Grace Chanda speak a word of English, unlike Barbara Banda, Siamfuko, Kundananji etc etc, all she to know is her venacular language. This is why the letter written in well constructed English, attributed to her, was so surprising.

  4. After that loss I felt like handing in my zambian passport to the high commission in London. How can you be proud to be zambian after that walloping?

  5. Bruce mwape was busy pumping in 5 times into the women prior to the tournament so they are now used to be in the receiving end with 5 goals.

  6. Its high time the technical team is reshuffled. We need these changes urgently.FAZ must not allow Bruce Mwape to lead the Copper Queens for the Olympic qualifications, Ghana is waiting to embarrass us 5-0

  7. The Zambian players spend most of their time rehearsing dance moves and goal celebrations……and they’re not picked on merit…you have to sleep with the top management and the coach to be picked for the National Team

  8. South Africa refused to play their last preparatory match against Botswana, because someone was trying to play with their money. Nigeria had similar money issues before the tournament. ….FIFA gave each team at $780, 000 to give to the players on the qualifying teams. Each player was to receive $30, 000 for qualifying

  9. New team, new coaches needed. I repeat what I said when they qualified for the world cup: we need taller, more physical players to compete physically against the taller Europeans. You can’y play the 1.4m tall Chitundu against the tall Spaniards. Look at Nigeria, they beat Australia because of their taller players. Minimum height like Lushomo Mweemba, Ochumba Lubanji, Musesa. Then new coach with tactical awareness. Mwape is embarrassing, he keeps trying what doesn’t work. Female coach now.

    • I suggested moving Lushomo to right fullback in place of the undisciplined and adventurous Margaret Belemu. We then need to find a taller central defender to pair up with Agness Musesa. Lushomo also has the penchant for making errors that result in own goals, which is why I would want moved from the 18. But when the girls return, I am sure that we find out that this was not about their ability. This was about money..; Nigeria and South Africa, which are more experienced, made sure to get their money before leaving for the tournament. Our girls were lied to, and they did not get their money

  10. FAZ can’t be blamed for the team failures why do Zambians mix football and politics when girls fail Kamanga must go. For me I blame Mwape he has failed to maintain a formidable team eee boots and now what is the reason for this loss maybe FAZ didn’t buy them food and they were hungry

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