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President Hichilema receives credentials from 7 foreign Envoys, calls for partnerships


President Hakainde Hichilema says that Zambia is ready to enhance its economic diplomacy in a quest to achieve government’s economic transformation agenda and improve the social sector.

Speaking when he received credentials from Ambassadors and High Commissioners designated to Zambia from seven countries at State House, President Hichilema stressed the need to deepen relations with other countries in an effort to exploit investment and business opportunities, among other areas of mutual interest.

 President Hichilema noted that this will lead to improving the livelihoods of citizens through people to people relations, business and government to government relations.

The Head of State explained that this will create a baseline for the country’s foreign policy anchored on economic diplomacy.

He stated that all countries are important to the economic development of Zambia and therefore urged the Ambassadors and High Commissioners to create more ventures and partnerships in sectors such as mining and education for the Zambian youths to benefit.

“There is been to therefore strengthen the bonds for economic gains to support the social side,” President Hichilema indicated.

Meanwhile, The Head of State stressed the importance for countries across the region and globe to uphold peace, security and stability as a prerequisite for economic development.

President Hichilema said that countries should prioritize trading in natural resources such as minerals instead of bullets.

Meanwhile, the Ambassadors and High Commissioners pledged to build on the bilateral and multilateral relations established for mutual benefits.

Angola’s Ambassador to Zambia Albino Malungo said he hopes to bring closer strategic partnership in diversification in various areas for both countries’ economies.

Philippines Ambassador designated to Zambia Noralyn Jubaria said she will work towards establishing relations in the area of political consultancy.

And Romania’s Ambassador to Zambia Cecilia Sitaru intends to upscale her country’s commitment to strong education partnerships in the years to come.

Among the credentials received included those of Gambia’s High Commissioner to Zambia Fatoumata Jagumpa, Australia’s High Commissioner Minoli Tehani, Iran Ambassador to Zambia Abbas Navazani and Uganda’s High Commissioner designate to Zambia Fred Mwesigye.

Other countries included Angola, Philippines and Romania.

Meanwhile, President Hichilema has sworn in Winnie Chibesakunda as Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany and Percy Chanda as Zambia’s High Commissioner to India.

The Head of State implored the two to fit into the national agenda and focus trade and investment partnerships.

President Hichilema noted that both countries have developed economies and Zambia would like to tap into the opportunities available in order to develop the livelihoods of citizens.

He implored the High Commissioner to India to explore the areas of quality health care services that can be brought to Zambia for vulnerable people who can’t travel to that country to get treated locally.

He reminded the two diplomats their co-mandate is service to the people first before their personal interests.

President Hichilema called for proper conduct as the two represent the country’s agenda.


  1. This white gloves were a bit too much. It seems he has stopped wearing them. Such events should be handled by a minister. I don’t think the prime minister of England receives credentials of foreign dignitaries. He is too busy dealing with important things.

  2. He is at home? Not at the Russia-Africa conference discussing his Ukraine initiative right now? Perhaps his pilot is sick.

    • I assumed that was a file picture. Lusaka times editors are usually toolazy to capture present events


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