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Gardener Murders Employer in Mumbwa District Over K700


In a tragic incident that has sent shockwaves through Mumbwa district in Central Province, a gardener is alleged to have brutally hacked his employer to death following a heated dispute over his salary.

Central Province Deputy Police Commissioner, Charity Chanda, revealed in a statement that the gruesome attack resulted in the employer’s untimely demise, with the assailant repeatedly striking the victim with a machete on the back of the head and left shoulder.

According to Ms. Chanda, preliminary investigations indicate that the suspect went to demand his owed salary, amounting to K700 from his employer. The confrontation escalated rapidly, leading to a violent altercation that ultimately ended in tragedy.

As authorities search for the gardener who is currently on the run, an intensive investigation has been launched to bring justice to the grieving family and to establish the full extent of the circumstances surrounding the fatal incident.

Local authorities are urging the public to cooperate with the ongoing investigation by providing any information that may help locate the suspect. Community members are advised to refrain from taking matters into their own hands and to let the law take its course in apprehending the perpetrator.


  1. Things are getting out of hand. K700.00 may seem too small to some people but a life saver to many others. The man should have just paid this man for his labours and a life could have been saved. I see some (even some friends) delaying payment to people who have given them service for long periods. Someone could be mentally unbalanced and a “small” thing like delayed payment could trigger something disastrous in them.

    • Its not the non-payment of the money that is the problem. It is the suspect’s mental problem that needs to be addressed. A similar issue with another person would result in another killing

  2. Let us be kind with each other…we’re all living in very difficult times….Employers are going through challenging times trying to create employment and employees too are also going through some difficult times..things are not getting any better….POLITICIANS DON’T EVEN CARE

  3. @ De Ja vu
    As an employer myself i agree with you 100%…..with the way things are going K700 is a lot of money for alot of people back home…its better to just pay him and tell him i don’t have anymore work for you since business is slow and once business picks up i will call you if you will be available….

  4. This just shows how tough things have gotten in this country. Like someone already said, K700 may seem so little money but under these tough conditions under the UPND we are we going, it is indeed a lot of money. Employers please make sure you pay your employees or do not employ them.

  5. So now every one must understand of why people like me how are trained in business administration and management we are taught not to employ people who have criminal records it’s because of this reason, this employer was supposed to do a reference check on this person and to go and check at the police station to see if this person didn’t have a criminal record mostly it’s those people whom have criminal records who do such things. So when you apply for jobs and it takes longer for us to employ you or to give you a job you must understand why we take long to give you that job or employement.

  6. Anyone killing another person for K700 needs his head examined. The risk far outweighs the benefit. Or what is seen as benefit. There was a mental issue prevailing here

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