Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Mwape Salutes Zambia After Win Over Costa Rica


Shepolopolo Zambia Coach Bruce Mwape is thrilled to see his side conclude the FIFA World Cup with victory over Costa Rica.

Zambia exited their debut World Cup campaign with a 3-1 win over Costa Rica to avoid finishing bottom of Group C.

In a post-match comment, Mwape said playing at the World Cup for the first time was not easy.

“After today’s game everyone is happy in our camp,” Mwape said. He believes Zambia would approach the World Cup differently next time they qualify.

“We have made history because it is our first World Cup appearance, despite losing the first two matches we have managed to at least go back home with a win. There are few teams that come to the World Cup for the first time and win a match with a 3-1 margin,” he said.

“I hope next time we will come to the World Cup we will come with a different approach,” Mwape said.

Zambia captain Barbra Banda says her team worked hard to beat Costa Rica 3-1 in the last Group C match at the World Cup in New Zealand.

Banda said it was not easy to beat Costa Rica.

And Banda has told journalists that she targets to feature more at the World Cup.

“It was amazing to the team and everyone is happy and excited,” Banda said.

The China based star scored Zambia’s second goal on the day which was goal number 1000 in the history of the Women’s World Cup.


  1. Thank you Bruce you saved us plenty of money with those losses. Poor Zambia wouldn’t have managed reaching the finals. We need money for serious things such as our president’s regular gallivants

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