Saturday, June 15, 2024

Government to legalize motorcycles for public transport


The decision by the government to legalize the use of motorcycles as a form of public transport is aimed at updating outdated laws and recognizing the evolving transportation needs of society. Transport and Logistics Minister Frank Tayayli has stated that it is premature to impound motorcycles as many of the existing laws might not be relevant anymore.

The move is seen as a positive step, especially for people in rural areas where motorcycles are a common and practical mode of transportation. By legalizing motorcycles for public transport, the government aims to provide more options for citizens to choose suitable transportation methods that can cater to their needs.


  1. At least they have listened to an editorial from the NewsDiggers! However, this SI should be specific and should limit the use of motorbikes in rural areas like Chadiza as well as Chipata which has bicycles as public transport.
    Exporting such to Lusaka and other large cities should be an absolute none starter. Our roads are already congested and these motorbike drivers will be the new ‘street vendors’.

  2. Got their priorities wrong. How can you legalise motor cycles before giving rights to lgbt people in zambia? Very disappointing

  3. You trying to get rid of vendors and now creating more dirty by legalizing motorcycles…and expect more fatal accidents…..just take a closer look at Cities like Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso…the city is an eyesore because of motorcycles…this is not a good move Chipante pante Government…these guys don’t know what they’re doing and i told you guys that during campaigns you will see all street vendors back again on the streets…UPND will allow them…no doubt

  4. Legalize it in rural areas only. We don’t want our cities dotted with boda bodas, this isn’t Uganda.
    Let’s have some decorum please. If anything, this ministry needs to ban the use of vans that have been made into buses.

  5. Overdue, but thanks anyway. Yango will have competitors now. A was just reading a story about electric motorcycles in Kenya. Positive move though others will focus on the dangers of the mode of transport. Educate the people on road safety. It’s a constant campaign that should not stop.

  6. for lusaka brace yourselves for the town to start looking like lagos/accra/kinshasa with boda boda all over-ka train kapamwamba connecting all townships to town would have done

  7. The way UPND is doing things you don’t even know whether they’re joking or they’re being serious….we don’t have proper Healthcare system and you want to increase the number of casualties and fatalities…it doesn’t make sense….those motorcycles are very dangerous and its worse than having Vendors on the streets

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